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... Hi, I am 25 years old and turn 26 in January. I am 179cm tall and weight around 65. I am wondering if my symptoms are Colon Cancer or is just a long therm Hemorrhoids. I got symptoms for Hemorrhoids when I was at early 19. ... (1 replies)
... I am a cancer survivor. I had stage 3 colon cancer. I had one lymph node that tested postive along with the polyp that was cancerous. Stage 4 usually involves cancer invading an organ. My oncologist explained this in debt to me. Sometimes they find out more during an operation. ... (6 replies)
... Well the symtoms of most problems with the colon are the same. There are only so many symptoms that are possible, ie. ... (3 replies)

... Read your post and if they explained the logic reason of the blood and you have your full energy and can go to the gym, there is NO way you have colon cancer. Remember that one of the most indicative colon cancer symtoms is excessive tiredness and feeling weak all the time. ... (5 replies)
Colon cancer
Feb 11, 2007
... I am 56 and never had a colonoscopy. I'm too scared I have no symtoms but I got it in my head that you can be eaten up with cancer and not even know it. I know this is stupid. My husband is making me get one, but I'm scared tgthey will say you waited too long now it's too late. ... (5 replies)
Symtoms and Advice
Nov 16, 2007
... I bought every book on colon cancer, and, at the time, there weren't really any message boards to talk to anyone about. So I did a lot of research and found out things the hard way. ... (0 replies)
... it and it was cancerous. They told her it was Stage I cancer. Which means that it has not really gone anywhere else in the body. It has not broken through the colon wall or gone to any lypmh nodes. She has surgery a few weeks ago and is doing great. They removed eight inches of intestine and some lymph nodes in the area. ... (6 replies)
... JeanUsa, Glad to hear the good news. It sounds like my sisters situation. Cancer is such a scary word. You immediately panic when you hear it. My family is no stranger to this disease. Both my parents died from cancer. ... (6 replies)
... I would like to thank all who responding to my questions. Update and great news. Doctor removed all the cancer, nothing in the lymph nodes or outside the wall and all his vital organs in great shape. In fact the doctor is not recommending any chemo but just to be sure we will go for a second opinion in Boston. I wish everyone the best of luck and my prayers are always... (6 replies)
... i've been checking symtoms the other ones i have a narrow stols and bloating but that seems to be going away but still a little. I can't help to think its not cancer. ... (4 replies)
... bm was so hard. the bleeding stopped but the stomache pains are still there i have also just been feeling very tired latley and down in the dumps. my cousin has colon cancer and i know it runs in the family that is why i started woundering. are these the symtoms? ... (3 replies)
... robert let me know how it goes Im having the same symtoms.Im making a doctors appt tommorrow.good luck Jim (15 replies)
Back on the Boards
Aug 25, 2006
... rectal cancer. Certain symtoms that I have are almost always found with cancer. ... (13 replies)
... At 25 it is less likely though certainly not impossible that it is colon cancer. ... (1 replies)
... I'm 33, male, no family history of cancer of anykind, 4 kids, in good health although over weight and I could probably eat healthier. ... (7 replies)
... i've basically read everything i could online and i know the blood and thin stool can be a sign of cancer. i know that its unlikely for someone my age to have colon cancer but from reading posts here and on other sites, it definitely does occur. i have no history of cancer in my family. ... (6 replies)
... Sorry theo2002, I didn't want to alarm you. From my own experience, I learned that colon cancer is so treatable when caught early. I'm sure your son is okay and doesn't have it. ... (10 replies)
Rectal bleeding
Apr 21, 2013
... Well after reading about someone from my local area being diagnosed as have stage 4 colon cancer. seeing the same army doctors as I for the same symptoms. he was told for years that it was hemorrhoids. I am scared! ... (2 replies)
How will it end?
Dec 21, 2010
... MY mom is stage 4 Colon cancer and it seems her fight is coming to an end because she is really suffering. My question is how will it end? ... (4 replies)
... n etc and said it all seemed ok but she would book him in for a Sigmoidoscopy. Is this strange as surely there are many other things it could be before going the colon cancer route? ... (7 replies)

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