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... The doc can generally let you know what they found after the colonoscopy. They will take some biopsy samples and get them tested. Most polyps are not cancerous. I think they can usually look at a polyp and know if it might look cancerous. Don't jump to the worst case scenario before you get the results. The liver enzymes and family history probably has them being cautious.... (4 replies)
Rectal bleeding
Sep 4, 2007
... After I had my first daughter 3 years ago, I had problems with rectal bleeding. Never had problems before in my life until I had kids. Went to a colon rectal surgeon and he diagnosed it as an anal fissure. Took citrucel, wnet back after a month or so, and the problem seemed to be fixed. ... (1 replies)
... hello. i am almost 23 years old and have been having rectal problems for the past couple years. because of my emabarrassement and stupidity i never really got it checked out but now i am now very worried about it. ... (5 replies)

... cancer clusters, resections, adverse effects of radiation on tissue and so forth. These images have been very helpful for me as I begin to get a "picture" of our problems and situations. I'd like to share these findings with you. ... (0 replies)
... Was looking for any info on reattachment of my colon to my rectum after chemo. My tumor was located low in the rectum but doctor said reattachment is not a problem. ... (1 replies)
... i had colon rectal cancer in April of 2001. AFter surgery my doctor advised me to get chemo and radiation and I was not able to do so. ... (3 replies)
... However, for other gastroenterological problems like Inflammatory Bowel disease, Peptic ulcer disease, malabsorption syndromes, GI bleeds, liver disease etc. etc. ... (4 replies)
... immune problems that they think stemmed from my ca and chemo. I wish you peace,just try to get by with some help from your friends.....Ron. ... (2 replies)
... Hi, I am sorry if this is a repetitive posting, but I have read some of the responses to recovery following bowel resection, and I am not sure that I have found the answer that I am looking for. It is now 7 weeks since my surgery and I can do a lot of my normal housework, but find certain tasks, i.e., those that pull across the body and lifting a little worrying, so avoid... (10 replies)
... I am wondering for those of you who have been dx with rectal cancer, whether you actually experienced rectal pain. ... (7 replies)
... I will be having a colonoscopy in a month. I have been having problems with rectal bleeding, weightloss, and nausea after BM's. I went to a colon rectal surgeon that I saw 7 years ago who treated the hemorrhoids again last week. He strongly suggested that I get a colonoscopy done. ... (8 replies)
... I had rectal bleeding for about 6 mths when I mentioned it to my doctor, he decided to follow up on it. ... (2 replies)
... rectal cancer. It was approved by the FDA about 2 yrs ago for stage 3 colon cancer. 5FU, leucolorin, Bova was the standard for many yrs. Avastin they tend to use with stage 4 along with folfox. ... (11 replies)
... My mother had colon cancer... ... (3 replies)
Please help!!!!
Mar 21, 2006
... Hi there, my name is Christy. I have been recently diagnosed with colon ca in my large intestine, I am newly 29. From the 1983 in your handle, I take it you're about 21? ... (2 replies)
... No other previous surgeries or even health problems would stand in the way. ... (28 replies)
Colon cancer
Dec 29, 2006
... Thanks for the reply my mom does not have a bag thank god and she does not need any chemo she just has to follow up every 6 months the mass they took out was the size of a tangerine but tahnk god again the removed all of it and all her tumor markers were negtive....thank for the advice we are going to keep a log and try the fiber...god bless you..... (2 replies)
Colon cancer
Dec 28, 2006
... I have a bag today due to rectal cancer. One of the reasons I have the bag is due to bathroom issues I developed during radiation to treat my rectal cancer. ... (2 replies)
... it is very smalll, and has had financial problems in the recent past. ... (5 replies)
... t, I probably would have been a basket case like I am now! I can relate to how you felt because after my diagnosis, I went to the ER several times for such minor problems thinking it was cancer related. ... (11 replies)

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