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Colonoscopy fears
Sep 26, 2004
... You can only have liquids and broths the day before the colonoscopy and nothing on the day. Plan to be at home from the time you start to take the laxative as you will be in the bathroom alot. ... (9 replies)
Colonoscopy fears
Sep 26, 2004
... arium examination. The doctor said he saw something which he thinks is probably the stitches from my previous operation, and he would arrange for a CT scan and a colonoscopy as he wouldn't know for sure if it was the stitches or a return of the cancer until they had a look inside. ... (9 replies)
Colonoscopy fears
Sep 26, 2004
... I don't remember a single thing about the actual colonoscopy procedure! ... (9 replies)

Colonoscopy fears
Sep 26, 2004
... o. They found 1 polyp which was biopsied and found to be nothing. This was my second prep in 2 month, I had to do it for surgery. The prep was no fun, but the colonoscopy was nothing. ... (9 replies)
Colonoscopy fears
Sep 29, 2004
... Please don't be nervous or scared about having the colonoscopy done. The worst part of the test is the prep. You will not feel anything at all because you will be sedated. ... (9 replies)
Colonoscopy fears
Sep 26, 2004
... Don't be worried about the colonoscopy..I have had three in the last 6 months, and they are a peice of cake....Now the prep really sucks, but the procedure if simple and pain'll be amazed how easy it is...good luck (9 replies)
... Another thing to consider is chemotherapy for colon cancer usually takes 6 months and is accompanied by various side effects. Your colonoscopy will take 1 day and remove any polyps before they have a chance to develop into tumors. ... (22 replies)
... your fears will still remain "maybe's" again rather than either ruled in or out. ... (11 replies)
... I agree with LESLIETOO. Please get your colonoscopy. It truly is no big deal. I put it off and put it off -- I am now stage IV and have been undergoing chemo for 8 months. In addition, because I put all of this off I developed a life-threatining condition called necrotizing fasciitis (commonly known as flesh-eating bacteria) from a tumor that leaked from my rectum into my leg.... (22 replies)
... These fears, whether as I describe above or something else are irrational yet very real. Only confronting those fears can help to overcome them. ... (9 replies)
... Thanks, Leslie, for your response! I am hoping that there wasn't another one in there that the doctor couldn't see (which is one of my fears). I am going to ask about having another colonoscopy at the 1-year mark which would be the time they could see if anything was missed or if there is anything new. I'm guessing if something was missed, it woudl have been because it... (8 replies)
... Definitely get the colonoscopy. I was diagnosed at 39 with stage 3 colon cancer. Make no mistake that a colonoscopy is absolutely NOTHING compared to major surgery and chemotherapy. The surgery was no fun. ... (22 replies)
... A colonoscopy is NO BIG DEAL, and it is a walk in the park compared to the alternative which could be colon cancer. I waited...and waited...and waited... ... (22 replies)
... You are doing yourself and others a disservice by implying that a colonoscopy is something to be feared and put off. Is it a pleasant day at the park? ... (22 replies)
... I saw something like this on another colo-rectal cancer message board and thought it would be appropriate to post here as well to help ease some people's fears who are about to undergo a colonoscopy(myself for example). Although I haven't had mine yet, this seems to help me a lot. Things worse than a colonoscopy: Stubbing a toe A paper cut Waxing legs(ladies) A bee... (3 replies)
... ve undergone sedation once before, with an endoscopy, an did ok, though the heart rate was up considerably. I really need to hear the more "positive" side of the colonoscopy procedure, if there is one, so I will somehow get the guts to schedule this very important test. Is this a really terrible ordeal, or better than people say? ... (4 replies)
... Please don't be afraid of a colonoscopy. My dad was diagnosed with rectal cancer Feb. 2006. He has stage 3. He is doing fine right now. I was 43 when he was diagnosed, and now I'm 44. I went July 2006. I was terrified to go get one done, because I was scared of what they might find. I was having no symptoms, but his colon dr. recommends everyone to get one at age 40. I... (22 replies)
... Norton, you are not the only one with a fear of doctors, believe me! I don't even like to take my dog to the vet for cryin' out loud (seriously)! Due to my fear of doctors I now have stage IV cancer and have the "pleasure" of seeing a doctor or getting poked an average of once every 2 weeks or so. I went 4 weeks without seeing a doctor while on a chemo break and I was doing a... (22 replies)
... Well EXCUSE me. I think the origin of this thread was not getting a colonoscopy it was a FEAR of it and yes I gave my "two cents". ... (22 replies)
... I noticed that you have been talking about needing a colonoscopy since March of 2006. ... (22 replies)

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