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... Drink all, or as much of the prep that you can stand. ... (17 replies)
... e . I need some tips, to overcome this.. in my CT scan they saw a rather large lump on my colon at first they assumed it was only a derviticular which delayed my colonoscopy by a week. I am 18 im meant to be enjoying life not pondering, if it turns out to be a tumor i'll just laugh.. im not prepared to lose even a piece of my colon. ... (17 replies)
... good luck to you!! I hope the rest of the prep goes down OK and I hope that your surgery and recovery go smoothly. ... (17 replies)

... time colonscopy in early Dec. Even tho it is a weeks away, I'm curious if anyone was given the "HalfLytely and Bisacodyl Tablets Bowel Prep Kit" and if so, what makes this different from some of the other stuff? ... (17 replies)
... I forgot that we would have to do a prep for surgery...drats. I tend to start throwing up after one and a half cups myself...though I've only ever had the Golytely stuff. ... (17 replies)
... Cinda, last time I had a colonoscopy I drank phoso fleet. I think I started gagging before the first sip. I bought 2 kinds of gingerale and gatorade. ... (17 replies)
... I have to take fleet phoso on Wed before my surgery, and I am so nervous! During my colonoscopy, I chugged the first dose of fleet, but the second one I just couldn't do. I threw up part of it and only barely managed finish the rest. I'm totally psyching myself out. What are some good things to mix with it to hide the flavor (last time I used gingerale, and it didn't hide it... (17 replies)
... Sorry to hear your news at 18, I'm 30 and had an out of the blue discovery of a tumor, and they told me after the colonoscopy that regardless, benign or malignant it had to come out with about 8-10 inches of my colon. I'm still in the land of "did this really happen to me" Hope all goes well, and there are a lot of things worse than losing part of your colon, you'll... (17 replies)
... I'm prepping tonight for my colonoscopy tomorrow. I'm a little worried about drinking the stuff. I mixed it up last night and put it in the fridge. ... (17 replies)
... awesome thanks for the tips =]. The Picolax came in lemon flavor, im actually enjoying it probably due to the fact im starving. i havent eaten any solids for 24 hours only water, making some Jelly to eat need sugar for energy. After my experience with those laxatives my stools turned orange with red marks since the bowel movement was rapid and those people at the sewage... (17 replies)
... Cinda and Gocats, best of luck on your surgeries. Be sure to let us know how you are doing. (17 replies)
... Finished my first dose for today. Used grape juice and a straw. I think the straw really helped. It took three big gulps and I took straight grape juice chasers in between too. Ugh. I'm still feel like i can taste it even though I'm chewing on the strongest flavor gum I could find! Only one more to go... (17 replies)
... As for losing a piece of colon, it is a far bit better than an eternal dirt nap. There may be an interruption in living your life and that would be unfortunate at 18 but it is better than halting it at 18. jaydees.....probably one of the most accurate quotes I have ever come across. You get 5 gold stars for this! Dave (17 replies)
... Thanks! I have wet wipes that I plan on using to clean up with. I was hoping they would help keep the pain down. I'll use the vaseline too. (17 replies)
... Any non scented acqueous cream will do as will vaseline. Try cooling the pot of cream in the fridge and pasting some onto the toilet tissue before you wipe. Your behind will say thank you. good luck ktee (17 replies)
... i finished my drinks, sent me back and forth to the toilet it was crazy.. in the end my bowel movements turned into greenish water i wonder if thats normal?.. you'll get this vengeful back pain after u drink the solution like 30-60 mins after then u'll be running back and forth from the toilet. Greenish water with mucus, is that normal? no blood tho :D. i'll post my results... (17 replies)
... One more question....would eating a light lunch today help keep the nausea down while drinking the stuff tonight? I'm supposed to stop eating solids by 2pm today. I'm allowed to have liquids (tea, coffee, jello etc...) after that and up until 4 hrs prior to the procedure. (17 replies)
... What did they give you to drink? I had phoso fleet. I mixed it with ginger ale and it wasn't bad. Before I had surgery, they had me drink Golightly. That was like drinking salt water. I don't think there is anything to improve the flavor of it. (17 replies)
... There is flexibility in the timing of taking the prep liquid. It is also helpful to go on a no residue diet the day before the all liquid diet. ... (2 replies)
Jul 29, 2007
... As mentioned before, I just had my third colonoscopy and have a few tips and some info for you, based on my experiences with the test. ... (25 replies)

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