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... Tommy and Tim: You both NEED TO SEE A Gastroenterologist and push for a colonoscopy. There are SO many young people on this board, including myself, who have been diagnosed with Colorectal Cancer. Both of you can try taking a fiber supplement daily until you get in with a GI. I personally like Benefiber. You could also take a generic (store brand which is usually just... (3 replies)
... problems,loosing weight,problems with BM's and a whole list of other things. We looked back at some of her charts from the doctors and the emergency room and the colonoscopy form from Nov showed some abnormal nodes and said to keep an eye on them. But nothing was done. And they never mention this to my parents. ... (14 replies)
... Camel22: Quote: "I had a colonoscopy done & they found nothing outside of large hemmoroids. The doctor said there was nothing to worry about. However, I continue to have intermittent stomach cramps as well as these very bright red flecks of blood in my stool." I very much hope your doctors did not miss anything. From my personal experiences with both bleeding... (14 replies)

... tender abdomen and had mucus with a tinge of blood. Both times the antibiotics took care of it. Starting in late January of this year I was having some urinary problems and while there mention to Dr I had seen a little blood once lately on stool but did not feel like it was colitis. ... (0 replies)
... i have had bad stomach problems for awhile,and want to have a colonoscopy done to make sure everything is fine.just wondering what else i can tell the doctor to have him run this test? ... (0 replies)
... I think the colonoscopy is pretty accurate, because, as you know, they actually go through the entire bowel, taking photos and viewing the entire length for any suspicious polyps. ... (1 replies)
... The main thing to remember is everyone is different. I've had two colonoscopies and one sigmoidoscopy. I have never moved or been moved. Everything went in and out without and incident. Every on staff thought I handled everything quite well. Also, on my second colonoscopy, I asked for them to go real slow over my inicision so I could take a close look at it. They... (9 replies)
... Hi "BCD" Thought I would offer my 2 cents worth here. First - NO one was more scard of this procedure than I was and I put it off for 5+ years. I started noticing changes in my bowel habits and knew I had to get this done and off mind. I had it done in mid April. This was my coktail..... First my procedure was performed on a Wed so on Sat. I started eating very... (10 replies)
... I too had a colonoscopy at 28 that found 2 polyps that were too big to remove as well as lots of smaller ones. ... (9 replies)
... Please don't be afraid of a colonoscopy. My dad was diagnosed with rectal cancer Feb. 2006. He has stage 3. He is doing fine right now. I was 43 when he was diagnosed, and now I'm 44. I went July 2006. I was terrified to go get one done, because I was scared of what they might find. I was having no symptoms, but his colon dr. recommends everyone to get one at age 40. I... (22 replies)
... I have a number of risks for colon cancer and had a colonoscopy about 3 years ago. Now I'm due for another. I have had terrible problems with the prep. ... (2 replies)
... I noticed that you have been talking about needing a colonoscopy since March of 2006. ... (22 replies)
... he result! I am not looking forward to the prep but not really worried about it. My only symptom is an unexplained pain in the left lower pelvis. I have no bowel problems as such. I already have lymphoma so I am really hoping they do not find any other cancer. Being treated for one is bad enough! ... (3 replies)
... (18 replies)
... My blood pressure was 102/70 on one day, two days later after being scared out of my mind with all this stuff thats been going on I had my blood pressure taken and it was 148/90. So that just shows what anxiety/nerves can do to you.....have you been really stressed out when you were getting your blood pressure taken? (3 replies)
... I had a Colonoscopy that seemed to go well, no problems. ... (3 replies)
... I'm 21 years old and I have a colonoscopy friday, I went to the GI about a week ago because I've been having many problems. ... (18 replies)
... Hi Ronda, sorry to hear that you are having these problems. You might call the doctor and ask him if you can take Dulcolax stool softner or something like that since the citrucel isn't working. I wouldn't take it without talking to him first. I think most times there is a wait before having the colonoscopy. It usually depends on how busy the gastrologist is. When you go in... (1 replies)
... My primary care doc has been bugging me to have a colonoscopy for quite a while now. I don't want to do this because I had one about 10 years ago and it caused me extreme pain. ... (5 replies)
... However, as suggested, we must also keep in mind other possibilities because mucosa appearing in the stools can be an early sign of intestinal problems unassociated with, and not resulting from a recent colonoscopy. ... (7 replies)

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