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... Hi, Ive had three Colonoscopys and apart from some trapped wind which lasted a couple of hours, I had No other problems. I think you should give it 24 hrs and if still in pain consult your Dr. I'm sure a certain amount of discomfort is normal after such a procedure, take some painkillers and see how things go. Good Luck, Solofelix. (4 replies)
... e last one my dr used the "Micheal Jackson" drug as the Nurse called it, I can't spell it. I had no problem whatsoever and I am a red head, we tend to have major problems with anesthetics, I was amazed! I actually remember the drive home and was able to stay awake the rest of the day. I will ask for this the next time as well. ... (4 replies)
... Want it for cancer screening. No problems. Lost insurance after I lost my job. (5 replies)

... Sudo, Honestly, the worst part is the anticipation. The procedure itself is quick and you wont remember a thing. Routine screening is the best thing you can do to protect yourself from any serious problems. When you are done, you will get a great peace of mind, knowing you are all clear. If they should remove any polyps, it is good, because you will never let one get... (5 replies)
Colonoscopy help
Jan 3, 2010
... I believe your mother has an ostomy, me too. Since my cancer and more importantly, since my surgery that took my rectum I too have a difficult time with the prep solution. I too can vomit from it. They have taken the Fleet solutions off the market because it was too hard on the body and most importantly the kidneys. Was your mother taking this? My recommendation about... (2 replies)
First colonoscopy
Sep 23, 2009
... Hi Younggranny, Having a scope in two weeks ,it will be my fourteenth in twelve years. Unfortunately my first scope found stage 3c colon ca and I have had lots of polyps removed since. My second scope was in the middle of chemo and sensitised me to the levage mixture. I had fleet preps for many years but now they are frowned on and I do now have serious kidney problems.... (15 replies)
... Hi Yeatman, I have been down this road myself and can appreciate that this is not news you want to hear or deal with. I don't want to give your advice or speculate, but I think the measurements are the location in the bowel and not the size. I think a mass of that size (15 cm is 6 inches) would be a different situation. I can tell you that I had the resection surgery... (20 replies)
... ome more swollen and hard. It is quite painful. I thought having my tonsills finally removed would solve this problem, but alas it has not. I continue to have problems with them and don't see that becoming a thing of the past in the future. So I would not worry about that, truly. ... (3 replies)
... date is for the appointment and put it on my online calendar. Hopefully I don't need surgery or anything but I know something is going on and not only do I have problems with spitting up blood but now I got a swollen gland in my neck as well. ... (3 replies)
... Hi, it has been a long time since I have seen you post and I am so sorry you continue to have problems. I cannot really help except to hope all goes well this time. There is no good reason why a scope should go badly so hopefully this one will be like the last one. The pain from your extraction is not helping this at all...I hope you get relief from that very soon. Let us... (6 replies)
... I have had one two years ago that went wrong I felt everything, I have had bad constapion since December I t got that bad that in Febuary I had a fetel impaction and got a tear and hemorriods. Please anyone that can help me through this I am so down its been one thing after another just had tooth number three out and have a dry socket so am in pain with this. My Dad and... (6 replies)
... I have had 8 scopes done using fleet prep. There is only one rule , drink water until you are almost sick and bursting ,then drink some more. It is so important. 1 it protects your kidneys 2 it makes sure you are clear,,,the clearer you are the less chance of missing problems. Remember ,nobody has ever invented a pleasant medical test. (5 replies)
... Yes, I took Osmo Prep and yes, they can dehydrate you. HOWEVER, the question is - how much liquid did you drink during the day of the prep? You MUST drink a ton of water with the prep as the instructions state. Then you will be fine. If not, you will have problems. I drank what I thought was a lot, but apparently not quite enough as they had difficulty accessing my veins... (5 replies)
... My Dr. told me immediatley that I had no problems and even gave me pictures of my colon and my stomach....If they have to take a biopsy for any reason that would take a few days before the report comes back. ... (10 replies)
... Monkey, I have the exact same questions myself. My doctor's equipment even snapped some photos while he was up there (kind of strange when you stop to think about it). So he showed me that everything looked clean - no serious visible problems. But still there are those symptoms. He has scheduled a return appointment for another scope in 5 years. So I guess that is how I... (45 replies)
... or trust my current one. My current one ignored symptoms that I was having with neuropathy for almost a year. It progressed to the point, I was having bladder problems and dropping stuff. My feet would change colors. ... (45 replies)
... I am hoping I don't run into any problems during vacation. Decided at the last minute to go to Whitefish, MT to relax and play before starting classes again. If I stay off nuts, I should be ok. ... (45 replies)
... Hello again, The go lightly may be the newer stuff. My dad did that this time and his bottom did not get sore at all, but all the other stuff he has done before always made him feel really sore. If you get sore use alot of vaseline each time after you go to bathroom (alot of it). I couldn't use the tucks pads or baby wipes, they made me feel real sore. Are you going for a... (45 replies)
... It seems there are many different types of prep out there. It is important to follow the instructions for the prep that you get from your doctor as if you aren't properly cleaned out your doctor might need to have you do it again! Also people will react differently to the preps. For most people the inconvenience is the biggest issue. They normally won't cause any unmanagable... (45 replies)
... I had mine Monday (10/08/07) and I had no problems. The little bit of gas I had was gone that day. I don't think anything was sore. I will say that I have been constipated ever since then though. (5 replies)

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