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... no matter how many problems you have. It is up to you, though. I sincerely hope you muster up the courage to get it done. ... (22 replies)
... Thanks for sharing your stories with us everybody as painful as that may be. I don't know what it's going to take for me as I have some mental problems that is keeping from going and getting one and I don't know what to do about it. ... (22 replies)
... you can find out immediately what the results are and your doctor can take care of any potential problems by snipping the polyps. ... (22 replies)

Jul 25, 2007
... Hi Louise, I have to totally agree with Claudia. My prep was not bad. Two tips 1)drink the meds chilled and 2) switch to a straw when you think you cannot take another glass. I only had 1 bowl of broth the day of my prep. The day of the procedure I felt nothing. Later that day I was eating regular food with no problems. I am waiting on results from the one polyp they... (25 replies)
... You should get that checked out soon. Bleeding with every movement would indicate you need a colonoscopy. It can be numerous other things besides colon cancer like inflammatory bowel diseases. If you have a family history of colon cancer you should be screened. Not sure about the swollen glands. (3 replies)
... I was nearly misdiagnosed by my doctor but I persisted. I had cramping with every movement but my history is that constipation is "normal" for me too. He charted it all up as Dysfunctional or Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I asked if there was any tests to rule out anything else. He said a Barium Enema but added they wouldn't find anything. I said "please...let's do it". It... (6 replies)
... r that was inconclusive has came back negative. I'm still not satisifed that nothing is wrong with me but ovbiously it has nothing to do with my colon, my bowel problems have gotten better but I still get abdominal pain now and then. ... (18 replies)
... If problems caught early you are a winner. ... (18 replies)
... My aunt actually had the opposite problem. While taking the prep she passed out due to LOW blood pressure. Best bet is to make sure you drink not just water during and after the prep but also liquids with some electrolyte supplement. Best bet , Gatorade and other similar sports drinks which are specifically designed with bot hydration and electrolyte balance in mind. I... (3 replies)
... Mandy, I hope you're feeling better soon. Did the doctor give you any type of diagnoses regarding your stomach problems? Lee (13 replies)
... From that report it appears to be stage 4, not stage 3 since cancer is present in areas other than the regional lymph nodes. The report states that it is invading the left iliac vessel. That is a major blood vessel and cannot be removed. However with recent advances in chemo and other adjuvent treatments it is possible to live a long time with stage 4 disease. On another board... (8 replies)
... would rather somebody had a look and says if there is nothing to worry about, maybe i do just have ibs, but i would rather know. So i am just going to ask for a colonoscopy for peace of mind or i will end up a nervous wreck. ... (5 replies)
... Hi Fiona, You probably don't have anything to worry about, but for your own peace of mind, push for the colonoscopy. You know your body better than anybody and you know when it is doing something that isn't normal. We argued with doctors for nearly a year before we found one that would listen to my husband. Good luck and let us know what you find out.:) dee (5 replies)
... went to the doctor 2day, he gave me fybogel....i am still worried about it though. As i say i have had no bleeding from the anal passage, there has been mucus but that is normal. My bms have always been brown, never black. I havent lost any weight, but i am still worrying about it. Does any one think i should push my gp for a colonoscopy? :confused: (5 replies)
... Thank you for the encouragement, its good to know someone understands. You mentioned in another post that your husband had colon/rectal cancer? My mother had colon cancer... which mastazied (however you spell it) and had a tumor around her tailbone as well. I was 19 at the time and don't remember if it was ever mentioned that she had rectal cancer. Do you know if these... (3 replies)
Mar 30, 2006
... Thanks for the words of encouragement folks but I wish it was that easy. I have mental problems and a total aversion to doctors,I was traumatized as a child and have never been able to get over it. ... (10 replies)
... akes the test useless and you'll have to do it again! Keep us posted and good luck..... know you are taking a GIANT step in preventing or getting the jump on any problems you might have. ... (1 replies)
... If one is not used to it I could see that it could cause problems in small amounts as well. ... (25 replies)
... Hi CD - Sorry, I didn't mean to imply that 10 yrs. is my schedule, only that is the time frame usually recommended to those over 40 as part of their regular health maintenance. I will be getting a scope through my stoma every 3 years then possibly every 5 years if there are no problems. Believe me as a 2 time cancer survivor I'm on top of any testing that's available! ... (9 replies)
... THEY are NOT dumb posts. If it concerns you then its not a dumb post !! We are all here for some sort of bowel problems. Dont think you have dumb posts ok? Everyone here is a family.. and welcome ! Maz (hugs) (4 replies)

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