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... I say go straight for the guilt on something like this. Tell him that you worry so much because you love him - that it is giving you stomach problems and you love him so much - if he would just put up with that stupid ol' test again for you you'll never say another word (cross your fingers behind your back on that last part). Honest, I'm not kidding. Sometimes a man can't... (11 replies)
... Thanks Kewpie. I was lucky considering my mom had surgery for colon cancer. Luckily hers was detected early and they got it all out with no problems. Good luck with yours. I'll say a prayer for you. (3 replies)
... hi lyndru great news....... a big weight off the old "bacon rind" (cockney slang) but maz is right .... you need to know whats wrong so give your docs hell till they find out. it would be a great idea to try the womens board and also because you mention "fatigue, memory loss and concentration problems", maybe the menopause board (sorry cant find from your posts what age... (9 replies)

Colonoscopy prep
May 26, 2005
... Well, I just now got through the first round of Visicol, no problems except for the volume of liquid in such a short time, but I was able to handle it. I feel like I'm swimming in fluids. ... (6 replies)
Colonoscopy prep
May 26, 2005
... as Gatorade Powerade or their generic counterparts are specifically designed to replace both water and electrolytes in atheletes so they work very well for those problems when taking a bowel prep too. ... (6 replies)
... Lukey: I must add my two cents... There is also a camera capsule that you can swallow that you will take hundreds of pictures of your small intestine to show any problems. It's a technology by Given Imaging, and only some GI Specialists are trained on using it. Hope this helps. Regards, CancerDad (7 replies)
... Colonoscopies are done for more reasons than possible cancer. This test is the best way to check the condition of the colon for many problems - Crohn's, UC, diverticulitis, etc. You're fortunate your doctor is recommending this test as with your family history it's a good thing to get things checked out while you are young. (6 replies)
... I'm glad your doctor is recommending this test. It's the best way to find any potential problems in the colon. So many people skip tests because they don't have symptoms but with colon cancer this is a bad idea. ... (8 replies)
... The prep may be nasty but you need to find out what's going on. The majority of problems turn out to be nothing serious. But if it is, it doesn't mean you won't be around to see your kids grow up! I was diagonosed with rectal cancer in April 2003. ... (8 replies)
... This is great news Annie! I hope people who are having worrisome symptons follow your example and go and get tested. The majority of problems are not cancer but everyone needs to listen to their body and have things checked out. ... (10 replies)
... I had my 2nd colonoscopy in 2.5 years 2 weeks ago and all results came back NORMAL. ... (2 replies)
... es. Turned up normal, except a slow down on the lower left side. Blood work is OK although white blood cells are slightly elevated. I am scheduled for another colonoscopy end of January. I have NO markers for Crohn's so they are saying it is not that. ... (3 replies)
May 15, 2007
... ago i had a colonoscopy done it came out with no problems.What are the chances of me getting rectal or colon cancer now? ... (3 replies)
... Don't freak out...I had many, many problems for years. I would feel the need to have a bowel movement and all that would come would be blood and clots. ... (4 replies)
... Late diagnosis and refusal to give me a colonoscopy within the timelines as dictated for those with HNPCC and fast growing cancers. ... (12 replies)
... and that this surgery was being done with general anesthesia.Also my stomach would never been the same but I would learn to readjust and eat differently to avoid problems going to the bathroom.I went to another surgeon and he basically said the same thing. ... (2 replies)
Colonoscopy Worry
Jun 22, 2002
... ne at outpatients. The result of that one was the same but was still made to have a colonoscopy. I had a barium enama on 10th June then was recalled for a second colonoscopy on 17th June. By then I was a complete wreck!!! The colonoscopy itself is not too bad at all. ... (4 replies)
... ave HNPCC Lynch Syndrome, have had endometrial cancer 1995 and colon cancer 2003. I had a right hemicolectomy in 2003 and have been NED ever since with no bowel problems as a result of having a section of colon removed. Lynch does not mean that the cancer will return within one year! ... (5 replies)
... it could very well be causing problems by now. Personally, I, along with many people, would like to see the standard 10 year guideline reduced to 5. ... (7 replies)
... end. DEFINITELY requires a colonoscopy to rule things out. It would also be plausible for the esophageal bleeding to run through... usu darker blood though. ... (11 replies)

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