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... have they changed the method of prep in the last twenty years? ... (17 replies)
... mon line is best and out it on icve get a straw and driink fast its do much better and you shouldnt get sick from it my cousin is a nurse and thats the way they prep the senior adults at the hospital..... ... (17 replies)
... The prep was the worst part...if you want to call it that. Only thing I felt tired from going to the pot all the time...That can be exausting. ... (17 replies)

... Cowboy, you said that you needed to be cleaned out more for your surgery....don't all preps clean you out pretty much the same way? Do I understand correctly that the pills therefore don't clean you out as well as something else might? That's a little disheartening to me because I was so sick with my prep last month - I used the Fleet one where you mix the little bottle of... (17 replies)
... I had a colonoscopy last December and used the Visicol pills. I didn't take the Mag drink afterwards though. My directions called for taking 4 pills every 15 min. with any clear liquid (I drank 7-Up) but with the last dose take with Ginger Ale. That was at noon, then at 10pm, I took 2 more sets of 4 pills, so a total of 28 pills. I was cleaned out by 6 pm, so the second... (17 replies)
... I had my colonoscopy in February. The prep was Golytly. I hated it. By the time I finished my bm's were like water. ... (17 replies)
... its far worse than the mag citrate i got it very cold i tried it with chasers like lemonade koolaid juice and noting could make that stay in my stomach the mag citrate you can chill and drink quickly with a straw its not as bad as the go lytely if anyone is able to drink that more power to u (17 replies)
... Cowboy, I've had people talk about chilling the golytely. That sounds like a good idea. It's better than drinking something that tastes salty warm. If that stuff tastes anything at all like the mag. citrate I know for a fact I couldn't drink all that. I had a hard enough time with 10oz. of the mag. I'm thinking that's why I did have to drink the citrate so it would flush... (17 replies)
... I think the Visicol pills cleaned me out good for the colonoscopy, the doctor just made the comment that he wanted me to use the GoLytely before the surgery to do a better job. Maybe the higher volume of fluid going through flushes you out better. When I used the GoLytely, I added the water to the powder the night before and put it in the fridge so it was cold the next... (17 replies)
... fleet phosorous soda its nasty (17 replies)
... Delrae, That's a good idea putting ice in the mag citrate...I never thought of that. Sure would make it taste alot better than drinking it at room temp. Glad to hear your test came out good. Thanks for the well wishes and I'll let everyone know how my test went. L-town :wave: (17 replies)
... Cowboy, I'm b-day is next month. There was an article in our local paper yesterday under the Science & Medicine section. It stated that most colon cancer doens't show any symptoms until it's progressed and that if it is in your family, like mine, you should get tested at age 40. If there is no history at age 50. Both should be done whether or not their are symptoms. ... (17 replies)
... L-Town, I forgot to ask, how old are you? I'm 52 and had never had a colonoscopy before. I suppose if I had had it done at 50, like the Cancer Society recommends, they could have gotten the polyp during the colonoscopy, but by 52, it had grown on the wall of the colon so he could only get about 90 % of it. The other 10% had some cancer cells in it, so I'm glad I had the... (17 replies)
... Thanks everyone for all the input. Kaye, I'm glad to hear your husband is doing well. I'm not going to cancel my colonoscopy (been tempting though), but I won't I know I have to do this. Cowboy, also glad to hear you had no cancer. What a relief to hear! I hope I hear those same words. I don't even want a polyp... the whole thing really scares me. I saw what my dad went... (17 replies)
... kellie2: I dont remember the name of the pill. It was with the fleet pack the doc gave him. So that must be it. My husband was having rectal bleeding. That is what got us to go to our family doctor who refered us to a specialist. My husband is fine. He had transanal excision surgery on the 25th of feb. Path came back with clean margins. Cancer free. He had good doctors, but... (17 replies)
... Kaye, what pills did your husband take, visicol? I've seen it mentioned on here before but didn't know what they were. I may ask to use those next time instead of the Fleet, because that's not really very nice stuff, it went right through me. My husband thinks it may be because I wasn't eating much a few days beforehand because I was so worried something was wrong, and when... (17 replies)
... The Citro-mag isn't all that great tasting either but better than a gallon of Golytly. I tried one other way that the doctor was hesitant about but let try it. I fasted for three days on a clear liquids diet. The first two days I also took a multivitamin. Then on the fourth day, one day before the c'scopy, I drank an 8 oz glass of water every half hour for two hours and... (17 replies)
... ttle tightening of the rectal muscles for the scope to be painful. During the colonsocopy, you are totally relaxed and put out, unaware of the test at all. The prep is the hardest part, which you'd also have to do for the virtual exam. I have been scoped, using it all, and feel like a verteran by now. ... (7 replies)
... ake the appointment with the gastro, if you have to have a colonsocopy, then you have to have one. It really is no big deal, I just had my first one and even the prep wasn't too bad. The symptoms you are experiencing can be a number of things, not necessarily bad either, the colonoscopy is the premiere testing. ... (1 replies)

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