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... well it is 4:30 in the morning and i took my Golytely this morning- will have a colonoscopy today-- i couldn't drink the entire 16 cups of that awful stuff but i drank enough to get clear of poop----- 1/2 yesterday and the rest this morning. I admit to being terrified i could have cancer- i hate even writing the word. thank you for your encouragement. I will let you know the... (20 replies)
... While you wait, I suggest that you chew food very well, and that you avoid any raw fruit or vegetables for now, and only eat very well cooked, dark colored, high fibrous fruits and vegetables, and make sure drink plenty of water in between meals. ... (20 replies)
... Anyone know what "dark spots" on colon means? ... (0 replies)

... This is my first post. My mother died in 1982 at the age of 48 of Colon Cancer. Her sister and mother also died of Colon Cancer. I know that my mother and her sister both smoked. I am not sure if that has anything to do with Colon Cancer. ... (5 replies)
... ealth for past year or so, no matter whatever nutritious diet i had been intaking all along..after undergoing prolonged medical tests, problem was detected in my colon through colonoscopy... ... (0 replies)
... ealth for past year or so, no matter whatever nutritious diet i had been intaking all along..after undergoing prolonged medical tests, problem was detected in my colon through colonoscopy... ... (0 replies)
Mar 3, 2010
... I'm 46 years old. I had a hysterectomy October 13, 2009. Since then my bowels haven't been the same. I've been constipated. My doctor told me to take stool softeners. It helped but when I stop the pills, I'm constipated again. I really don't get a lot of fiber in my diet. I've also been getting cramps. Since I don't have my uterus, cervix and ovaries anymore, the cramps... (0 replies)
... I'm back. Just some thoughts on your situation(s) regarding your bowel issues...I NEVER want to project my condition onto any other woman. With that being said I cannot in good conscious keep quiet about the potential for endometriosis. It is a horrifically "sneaky" disease that although common, goes undiagnosed. NO DOCTOR can just tell you you're silly and you don't have... (68 replies)
Colon Cancer ?
Jan 10, 2014
... ut. And then theres times where i pass a big stool which is usually comes with a streak of bright red blood on it. This has happened twice. My stool is usually a dark brown or light brown color when i pass it and its usually small stools. I sometimes have some pain in my upper abdominal and in the lower left area sometimes. ... (7 replies)
... I am also an 18 year old male and worried about having colon or bowel cancer. I've been having abdominal discomfort for nearly 2 months now. ... (1 replies)
Darkish colon
Jun 2, 2010
... i had a colonoscopy yesterday, and found that the color of my colon is very dark. ... (3 replies)
... diarrhea a couple times a day. I am usually pretty constipated and very gassy. I have not eaten anything abnormal. The stool started off yellow and is now very dark brown and foul smelling. The problem is that I am 14 weeks pregnant now, so I can't get certain testing done. The only meds I take is a prenatal vitamin. ... (3 replies)
... I had 2 colon surgeries within 6 months in 2003. First one was an ileostomy and the second was to close the ileo and form a permanent colostomy. ... (5 replies)
May 19, 2001
... my entire colon is black and dark brown.they say herbs caused it but i don't take herbs..anybody know what serrin is? ... (0 replies)
... in e.r., would usually not indicate colon cancer, right? ... (1 replies)
... Just DO IT. STOP searching the internet, period. While it is indeed, a wonderful resource and a blessing...It can also be a mind-bending, gut wrenching curse. I understand your fear and I realize that you need validation, so PLEASE request a colonoscopy. It's almost 5 o'clock my time, so too late to call today. Put this at the top of your to-do list for Wednesday. Just... (68 replies)
... i will give you some history here three years ago my bowels stoped working regulary, and only moving once a week, then it moved to twice a week, i went to the er and the doc said i just had lazy bowels, now here three years later i finally get a family doc, and he is sent me to specialist since now the bowels only move if i am lucky 2 times a month, he gave me colyte to... (2 replies)
... For the past week or so Ive noticed my bowls have been a bit smaller than usual. Once or twice Ive felt like I didnt completely empty myself. I read the symptoms on Google. They sound kinda similar but then kinda not. I do not have any stomach pain or bloating and Ive never seen any blood. My bowels seem kinda dark...but then not really. I guess I should mention I dont... (4 replies)
... ting i have had some toilet issues since the procedure and have been struggling to complete a BM. anyway i managed today to go on properly and it was loose again dark brown but with big black lumps? ... (0 replies)
... hi, i also have a history of IBS and can related completely to your symptoms. I'm not pregnant but do know that some of those prenatal vitamins contain iron which can turn your stools dark. I would check with your doctor though and see if certain tests might be done that won't harm your prenancy. Oh, I also had a melanoma on my neck when I was about 18... have had... (3 replies)

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