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... Since then I have read that other laxatives are too harsh and can damage or destroy your kidneys, so thats why they like you to drink golytly which is gentlier on your kidneys.. Well I can't drink that stuff.. I'm considered elderly now, so its even more dangerous to take laxatives. So what do I do? ... (2 replies)
... They have decided to give me the Miralax prep instead of golytly.. Thank God..It should be alot easier on me.. I"m sorry to hear about your health problem... I'm late in leaving for an appointment but wanted to thank you for your post.. Please let me know how you do with the prep they gave you and what your results are.. Good luck to you. (2 replies)
... My surgeon uses the Golytly but as a two day prep. You drink half the first day and half the second day and the c'scopy is on the third. ... (8 replies)

... I used ginger ale with the Fleet P-S. Pour the contents of the Fleet bottle into a glass and fill it the rest of the way up with ginger ale (let some of the fizz dissapate ) but no more than you can do in one long swig. It tastes absoluly terrible, no two ways about it and if you are anything like me you will never drink ginger ale as a beverage again. Make sure the ginger ale... (10 replies)
... BTW, theman2000, one new regime with the golytly that my doc had me do this time 'round was to drink half one day and half the next day and the c'scopy is on the third day. ... (27 replies)
Colonoscopy Prep
Aug 17, 2003
... Depends on the type of "cleanser" they give you. I had "golytly" and the prep was liquids only the day before the c'scopy and taking the golytly that afternoon(it's about a gallon of swamp tasting water, there is a generic one , both have propolyne(sp?) glycol which in another life is plumbing antifreeze!!!) I have also used Citra-mag, it is less bad tasting but for use in... (3 replies)
... According to the gastroenterology nurse I spoke to this week, for the last year there has been a "modified" prep available called Prepopik. I will be trying it Wednesday, but wanted to post this right away. I hope you see it. The Prepopik requires just drinking 5 ounces of a mixture (that is not supposed to be so bad) the night before and then again 4 hours before, both... (2 replies)
... Miralax ISN"T anywhere as near as bad as GoLytly or HalfLytly. It used to be a Rx laxative but just recently went over the counter. ... (18 replies)
... really isn't that bad. Honestly, and I don't mean to sound rude here, you are making WAY more out of it than necessary. Be glad that you don't have to take the GoLytly or the Halflytly as they taste absolutely GROSS!! ... (18 replies)
... Well... no news is good news so far I guess.... let me explain... please excuse the lengthy reply, but I suspect for those that will (despite the warning) try to read these posts and self diagnose, my wordiness will help them . . . As for my results . . . .I was able to choke down the Fleet prep. Although just as foul tasting, it was no where near the volume the... (14 replies)
... I know how you feel. When I had my first colonoscopy, and this was after surgery where colon cancer was discovered, I was also scared and nervous. I wanted someone to say-no, you don't need to have it. There are a number of different preps. For surgery I had Golytly-it was like drinking salt water. When it came time for the colonoscopy, I told them I could not drink that... (3 replies)
Colonoscopy prep ?
Jan 24, 2006
... I also took phosofleet for my 2 colonoscopies. I learned after the first time, that it is easier to drink the stuff with a straw. You bypass some of the tastebuds in the front of your tongue. Before I ever had the colonoscopy, I had to drink Golytly (spelling) for the surgery that discovered the colon cancer. That was the absolute worst thing I ever drank. When I made the... (6 replies)
... A colonoscopy cannot be done until the colon is cleared. Golytly not having the desired effect is really not good. ... (23 replies)
Prep is killing me
Jul 28, 2005
... Next time ask if you can extend the prep over two days. Half the first and half the second. This worked well for me with Golytly as the prep. It tastes bad but at only half each day is bearable. Since you are underweight make sure to drink clear liquids other than plain water. ... (4 replies)
... Often the B.E. requires less harsh prep. I have had a heavy senna plus castor oil prep for a B.E. The senna tastes chocolaty but the castor oil tastes like lipstick. Still it is better tasting than Phospha-soda or Golytly. (1 replies)
... You don't state what prep you are using , here is what i said to another poster re: Colyte(Golytly). Prior to the prep have a bowl of chicken broth and a bottle of sport drink or pedialyte to start your electrolytes off in good shape. If you are prone to low blood pressure you also must make sure you are hydrated so keep drinking the sport drink and any other clear liquid... (3 replies)
... My mom has had a few surgeries for which flushing out was necessary, and a colonoscopy earlier this year too. She absolutely hates Colyte (GoLytly) and talked to her pharmacist about alternative methods. He recommended taking two teaspoons of castor oil & then two teaspoons of orange juice. Even though castor oil is nasty, it is only two teaspoons full rather than an entire... (9 replies)
... Golytly is the 4 liter(one gallon) prep that tastes like swamp water and causes some(me included, once) to throw up sometimes. It isn't bad for electrolyte or water loss though as long as you do continue clear liquids as well. Fleet phospha soda tatses really bad but is only a few centiliters(ounces) and can be thumped back real quick. It plays he11 with electrolytes and... (9 replies)
... I was even geting freaked out about the test but it is not a big deal at all. I flinched when the nurse gave me the IV but I got no sympathy from any one in that room. My wife and all of the nurses in the room had C-sections and were laughing at me because I was a wimp. The test lasts about 10 minutes and you are usually on Versed. Next thing you know you are back in your... (27 replies)
... It's a toss up which prep is "better" some work better because the patient is more likely to complete the prep while others are better because they require less in the disgusting taste department. Phospha soda tases horrible but is only a small amount. You can mix it with ginger ale as said above. In my case though, I now cannot stand the taste of ginger ale! Also you MUST... (7 replies)

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