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... First my procedure was performed on a Wed so on Sat. I started eating very lightly. Eggs, applesauce, yogurt, etc. No fruit, veggies, nuts etc. Also, White bread and LOTS of water. On Tues. ... (10 replies)
... I am still chuckling at the first noted sentence. I mean what I say but I get the idea you just may not listen. I have been with many a man I could order around but much prefer one who stands his ground. ... (11 replies)
... A healthy diet and lifestyle goes a long way toward prevention. ... (5 replies)

... First, again, realize you are jumping way ahead of yourself... although I KNOW how worrisome this can be. ... (4 replies)
... Yeah, there is not going to be much concern about the holidays around here this year. I only have one relative living in the area, and she is going to be out of state for both Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. So I'll be alone for the holidays for the first time in my life. ... (25 replies)
DNKY- when is it?
Sep 13, 2003
... when is your colonoscopy scheduled and will it be your first one? ... (3 replies)
... I say go straight for the guilt on something like this. Tell him that you worry so much because you love him - that it is giving you stomach problems and you love him so much - if he would just put up with that stupid ol' test again for you you'll never say another word (cross your fingers behind your back on that last part). Honest, I'm not kidding. Sometimes a man can't... (11 replies)
... I was moved by your post. It is sometimes difficult to verbalise how we feel but your post said it beautifully. ... (9 replies)
... As for my posts, they are my touchstone I think, the touchstone of the surprising reality that there is a new challenge I am facing. My posts give me time to reflect on not so much "how didi I get here" but "its real and I will survive it". ... (9 replies)
... I don't know how eloquent this will sound, but here goes my two cents... ... (21 replies)
... that it has to be for the reason that everyone here , is here. ... (17 replies)
... Thankyou so much for taking the time to post a response. I had a mini freakout and my husband got on the phone with the nurse. You are right I was the one that pushed for an earlier scope. ... (5 replies)
... It is a bruised feeling , it feels like its grown in the past year. Its hard to explain , maybe since I lost so much weight and have less of a butt it just feels bigger. But its definitely a bruised feeling and I have had it for a while now. ... (8 replies)
... The most common symptom is no symptoms at all. Next is anemia of unknown origin. Depending on what part of the colon cancer develops in determines if and how soon symptoms will develop. ... (2 replies)
A few questions
Feb 23, 2005
... I haven't had a colonoscopy, just an abdominal CT. That's how they found the diverticulitis. ... (4 replies)
Scared so much
Jan 6, 2017
... can't perform colonscopy because you don't know if it's the period blood and he asked me how was the blood i told him like spots i told him that I ate tomato and a lot of jam before also something in the salad it was kinda riddish and spicy he told me no to worry .. ... (8 replies)
... I just read your reply. I hope you have now followed up with your GI and are set to get a scope. You will surely feel better, just knowing what is going on. ... (10 replies)
... he has already been to the gastroenterologist and is scheduled for a colonoscopy next Monday morning. He does have a history of external hemmoroids since he was younger but there are no visual ones now. ... (4 replies)
... I was nearly misdiagnosed by my doctor but I persisted. I had cramping with every movement but my history is that constipation is "normal" for me too. He charted it all up as Dysfunctional or Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I asked if there was any tests to rule out anything else. ... (6 replies)
... but I am at my wit's end. So much constant pain and fatigue. Tried to get in for the CT scan earlier and they cannot take me until next week. My pain is even affecting a place by my spine. Almost a burning sensation. ... (2 replies)

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