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... a malignant tumor has developed. I have had a CT scan and by all appearances the cancer is confined to the colon. My Dr. and the referring surgeon recommend the entire colon be removed and I get an ileostomy. ... (1 replies)
... My father had an ileostomy done on the 30th June which is scheduled to be reversed late September or early October. He too is experiencing a discharge from his anus. ... (1 replies)
... I had my ileostomy for 10 months. Occasionally I would have a small amount of stool pass thru. I would feel a sudden urge to go and then some would pass through. ... (5 replies)

Ileostomy reversal
Mar 21, 2012
... I had surgery on the 8th September for Colon Cancer, the surgeon took out 2 sections as well as me having a total hysterectomy on the same day. The one thing I did not want to wake up with was any type of bag hanging off me. ... (2 replies)
... horror stories and worked myself up into an anxious mess but I think the thing to remember is that everyone is different and everyone's body is different. As my surgeon put it, "the bowel does what the bowel wants. ... (2 replies)
... earned how to walk again. He was strong enough to have his rectal tumor removal surgery in November 09. He was doing pretty well with the bag before he had the ileostomy reversal surgery in March '10. ... (0 replies)
... As the title says I had my ileostomy with pouch created 6 weeks ago. I'm having a lot of discomfort in the anus still. I still spend much time sitting on the toilet with discharge. ... (1 replies)
... to shrink, then the operation. During the operation the surgeon removed dad's whole rectum, but managed to save half the sphincter muscle. ... (2 replies)
... just isn't fair and I think you were right to post about this, it may very well save another person's life!!! I agree with the poster who recommends having your surgeon foot the bill for getting things right when the time comes for you to go through the reversal again!!! It's the least he can do..... ... (20 replies)
... I would agree. Finding a colorectal surgeon is the best way to go. They are experts in their fields which is important to consider with major surgery. ... (4 replies)
... ing would pass because of the stricture. But that has been massaged a couple of times to widen it. Not a huge improvement, but at least I'm passing something. My surgeon gave me a three week "off work" note. That means I'm supposed to go back to work in three days. I can't imagine! What are some other experiences? ... (1 replies)
... Maz, I am so sorry that it all went badly for you. I can't believe the stupidity of your surgeon for not overseeing the operation. ... (20 replies)
... al use of olive oil is ok... she will notice a BIG difference. BTW, Is it the anus that has tightened, or higher up. Also, if it's that painful, the colorectal surgeon should be giving her some meds... the only problem is they can tend to bind her more...make sure she's drinking plenty of water. ... (9 replies)
Ileostomy reversal
Jul 11, 2010
... Hi. 42 yr old male diagnosed w/ T3 rectal cancer, just finished chemo/rad and looking to have lapro TME in September. I wish all of you the best of luck. I am just starting to look into ostomy and reversal issues.... what can I expect trying to go back to work? Surgeon is telling me that b4 a reversal, I need to do "butt keegles" to get the rectum back in shape....and reading... (20 replies)
Ileostomy reversal
Jul 16, 2008
... My surgeon didn't. After the reversal he wasn't helpful at all. ... (20 replies)
... Hey all, it doesnt matter. I cant come to Canada anyway!!! LOL and I got a referral to another surgeon.. The one who did the emergency surgery after the initial specialist stuffed it up. I go and see him next Tuesday.. Wish me luck! Getting stronger each day (tho not quick enough for my liking). Cya Maz (20 replies)
... Apparently the surgeon who did me maintains a strict oversight of anything he lets the interns do and is very good in that regard. ... (20 replies)
... t has been disconnected and reconnected and is now narrowed... it needs to stretch back open, so time will allow for that. She can also talk with her colorectal surgeon about starting fiber supplements or stool softners to slowly dilate and make things easier in the beginning. This will reduce the bleeding and soreness a bit. ... (9 replies)
... l!!! But he may need some bulking agents... either drugs like Immodium, or a fiber supplement. But No Fiber yet, as it may irritate his bowels. His colorectal surgeon will tell him when. Call his Doctor and ask about the Immodium. That should be fine, but best to check. ... (2 replies)
... At least in my case, the cancer was discovered during surgery for a urologic cyst. The cancer was growing into the cyst and did not show up on a ct scan. The surgeon felt they had removed all of the cancer, but that chemo should be done just to be sure. That was bascially the same opinion of the oncologist. ... (11 replies)

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