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... hiya jaydees great to hear from you........ i expect you heard a collective sigh of relief from the boards ......... whats a loon ???? ktee (10 replies)
... CD is correct, it goes in through the new "out" door(the stoma) If one still has a rectum and a colostomy the colon will terminate somewhere above the rectum. In that case they would look up the rectum and colon as far as it goes and then pull out and goes in through the stoma to inspect the rest of the colon. Three advantages of having a stoma when having a colostomy; 1) you... (10 replies)
... Edinaman: I can answer that... and it's not dumb. Yup they go right in through the stoma for those of us who don't (or soon won't) :-) have an opening down there. I would like to know though Jaydees... what problems with the ostomy are you having? I'm scheduled 8/12. CDad PS Glad to see you stick your nose in occassionally! (10 replies)

... Jaydees, good to hear from you again. I do have a dumb question. When you have a colonoscopy with a colosomy, do they go through the stoma? (10 replies)
... Good to hear from you, Jaydees! Isn't Ktee clever! Life at the cottage sounds great and you are right not to allow your PAST illness dominate your life! You are bound to become reflective and even down sometimes, but enjoy the beauty of nature and the business of fixing up the cottage. Stay well. Love, (10 replies)
... I know you are a quiet one jaydees but where are you ? ... (10 replies)
... I think that everyone who has experienced cancer has a fear and dread that it will come back. I am no exception. I have recently lost weight and although there are other, good reasons for this , there is the thiught at the back of my mind, those "what if's" that plague me. What if the reason for losing that weight is not my cutting back on potato chips and junk food and the... (3 replies)
... Jaydees-In the back of your mind do you have a feeling that your cancer might return or another type might develop? Positive4U :) (3 replies)
... Jaydees: I was just reading online about colostomies-- seriously considering getting one-- colorectal surgeon said after last dilation surgery that the stricture is so tight, a bag is my only option. Anyway, I was reading about Irrigation... Do you do this? How does it work out for you? Can you truly remain bagless for 24-48 hours? I appreciate your sharing. :D ... (2 replies)
... especially after prostate surgery or rectal surgery. A lot of nerves are affected which prevent things from working in the right direction. I'm hoping Jaydees can speak to his experience with ED, as my first surgery was in January, and I am a young male... ... (7 replies)
... Hi jaydees: I had rectal surgery 6 months ago; ejaculation is perhaps half the quantity it used to be...but I am thankful. How is your situation after 3-4 years? (I noticed the posting is from 2003). How has it improved? (7 replies)
... As to Jaydees and Cancerdad, they are posting, for the most part, on another board. ... (42 replies)
Vent And Ramble
Aug 18, 2005
... Jaydees, that is a very lame Vent or Ramble :jester: :D (35 replies)
... Thanks to cancerDad, jaydees, jaydees and others for your continued support and encouragement. ... (9 replies)
Recovery Time?
May 18, 2005
... Cancerdad!! The only reason why i didnt specify your name is 'cause i see that you post elsewhere, but havent really seen Jaydees post (unless i wasnt paying close attention!). Sorry, I didnt mean any insult by it. I miss all you guys!!! :) Nope, father hasn't gone back on Ativan. I haven't gotten around to asking him if he would consider switching meds right now, his head is... (302 replies)
... Jaydees............ i just read your comment about ol' blightly and nearly fell off my chair laughin....... :jester: We do pay a national health insurance out of our pay packets direct to the government. We also pay the price of long waiting times unless your family doctor can find a quick route to consultant. We do have option of paying privately which shortcuts route to... (10 replies)
... Jaydees: I am a 31 year old male with Stage 3C Rectal Ca... had a 3cm adenocarcinoma removed from my lower rectum (2-3)cm from the anal verge, and lymph nodes removed... tell me if you don't mind discussing, did you suffer from ED for a while? and if so, did the medications work? I still suffer from ED from surgery in January, and have had no luck with Cialis or Viagra. I... (7 replies)
Could it be?
Mar 7, 2004
... Hi Jaydees I am in England so rely on national health service so we pay through our taxes. I could (if I could afford to) pay to have treatments/scans done privately. I have found in the past that for myself one can usually be successful in getting a referral on the 2nd or 3rd attempt of asking your GP. Screening however is not something I have asked for before and my GP... (14 replies)
... ions, he was weak and had lost a lot of weight. I was terrified at the thought of the effects of chemo, but he was able to start it one month after diagnosis. As jaydees says, blood tests are done each time before chemo to make sure the counts are good enough. ... (6 replies)
... Hi Steve, Jaydees is posting on another board now. You might try g**gling JayDS. I'm sorry but you can't post links on this board. (7 replies)

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