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Thin Stool
Sep 14, 2006
... I feel perfectly normal, but the stool business has been bothering me so I went and saw my doc today and got an exam. ... (3 replies)
... No, it does not automatically mean cancer by any means. The problem is, you need to find out right away. If it is cancer, the earlier you find it, the better. It is treatable and beatable, to borrow one of those slogans. Don't wait - I waited too long, thinking it was hemorrhoids and while I am confident ( mostly !) I will be okay, I would still be in better shape... (14 replies)
... along with a sharp pain on the rectum when the stool first came out. i just thought it was because of a tear or hemorrhoids. ... (6 replies)

... Thanks :) Yeah all drs who saw me were not concerned about it being cancer and said they think its something else (Like crohns or UC for instance). But I think their main reasoning was my age. My symptoms do sound like IBS though and the 2nd dr said thats what she thinks it is as well (But that blood means something else is going on), i looove to eat, but im in shape. ... (18 replies)
... ently 8 months pregnant, due beginning of October. For a few months I have been having some problems with bowel movements. My first symptom was some blood on the stool itself and a little on the toilet paper. It's never been a lot but concerning to say the least. It has always been bright red. ... (3 replies)
Blood in stool
Oct 23, 2006
... is your stool thin or narrow than usual? ... (2 replies)
... Hi everyone, I am very worried about my symstom as it closely familiar with that of colon cancer. I went to the doctor and told him i saw blood on my stool and also was dripping blood from my anus, he told me it just hemmeriod and that the blood only occur 1 time and then it goes away. ... (2 replies)
... and I'm only able to produce paper to pencil thin stool. It's been this way since the start of June. ... (11 replies)
... DISCLAIMER, this is a long post, I am sorry for that. I had a lot to type, and I just really needed to vent, and see if anyone could give me some advice. ... (1 replies)
Back on the Boards
Aug 25, 2006
... hough my doctor has speculated that it's from UC. My doctor USED to tell me that he thinks I still have UC and not CC. Because I have had so many symptoms for so long and my weight is about the same..he thinks that if I had CC I'd have been gone a long time ago. ... (13 replies)
... During those weeks I had severe constipation and my rectal area was sore to the point I had blood on the toilet paper from straining trying to get the stool out. ... (6 replies)
... The thin and narrow stools. ... (2 replies)
... irst of let me say this forum is great and my heart goes out to all those affected by cancer. Thank you in advance for any feedback! Lastly I apologize for the long post forthcoming... ... (3 replies)
... think I would've had to go quite a bit, but didn't, this scared me. Other than that the stool looked normal, in color, in texture, no blood, no pain, no pencil thin pieces, although I did notice the pieces were small and broken up, and like I said their was very little. ... (4 replies)
Need some hope...
Mar 24, 2009
... The surgeon told me that my symptoms did not present as colon cancer typically would and that I shouldn't be concerned about that. Two weeks went by, the pain is long gone, infection is cleared up and I went in for a follow up with the surgeon. ... (1 replies)
... rgic nor do I ever feel fast heart palpitations and I do not have any sign of anemia. Also, I have never passed blood or have seen blood in stool, and my initial stool culture for the initial diarrhea showed no blood hidden. ... (6 replies)
... Drinking a lot of milk can increase cramping in some people... as far as changing stool color, it's absorbed as a liquid and provided to your body... ... (4 replies)
... Stools are becoming thinner, not pencil thin but noticeably thinner than normal. ... (5 replies)
Not yet diagnosed?
Aug 10, 2010
... I bought some fiber powder and after the first use my stool bulked up a little, but I use to go 2X a day, but now I have only gone once in each of the last 2 days, and there wasn't much this morning. ... (2 replies)
... negative result i just don't have any explanation for the color of my stool, my CBC also showed up slightly higher hemoglobin.. I'm not losing weight, don't have thin stools, and im not constipated. ... (12 replies)

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