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Rectal Lump
Oct 23, 2007
... Please go see a doctor. If it's hems then the doc can give meds for it. Please don't wait. Cynthia (3 replies)
Rectal Lump
Oct 22, 2007
... About 8 months ago I realized there was a lump in my rectum. It was quite small then but now it has grown to about the size of a kidney bean. ... (3 replies)
Rectal Lump / Bump
Nov 16, 2007
... Hi Guys I'm worried beyond death - I've just recently discovered a very small lump/bump 3 cm from anal opening. Its about half a pee size. It hasn't gotten any bigger in the last 2days I've known its there but at times it feels like it could be smaller. I don't have any discomfiting , blood on stools, itching, pains ect. Nor does it hurt when i push on it. I'm worried to... (1 replies)

Rectal Lump
Oct 22, 2007
... The lump itself and bleeding sounds like hems, but I don't know what to tell you about the gassy part or the mucus. ... (3 replies)
I found a lump? :|
Sep 18, 2006
... The lump might have nothing to do with the weakness, dizziness, etc. ... (3 replies)
Lump in rectum?
Feb 26, 2004
... Coffee grounds and a change in BM shape suggests it would be a very good idea for a doctor to check it out. However your info on rectal cancer being a quick growing cancer is incorrect. It would be unusual for a colon or rectal cancer to grow quickly. ... (1 replies)
Small lump
Oct 1, 2010
... Yesterday shower time I found out small tiny lump out side rectal area when i touch slipping away very small hard .I have the external hemorridge not bothering me at all. ... (1 replies)
... (7 replies)
... I started having pretty bad constipation the day before thanksgiving of this past year ( so about 6 months). i also get a lot of ibs symptoms: bloating and gas after eating, and distended tummy. i am an 18 girl, exercise every day (cardio and weight lifting), and eat a high fiber diet (i am a nutrition major in college, so no prob w/ the diet). i haven't had any bleeding... (7 replies)
... Internal hemorrhoids tend to poke out after bowel movements then receed back in. I would go to a general practioner first if I was concerned about it. With a rectal exam they would be able to help you. ... (3 replies)
Rectal Lump / Bump
Nov 16, 2007
... It could be a hemorrhoid, but it could be something else. Don't waste your time worrying or trying to get a diagnosis from someone who doesn't know. Call your doctor and get it checked it out. You could be walking around smiling instead of worrying yourself sick. Good luck! Pam (1 replies)
Rectal Lump
Oct 27, 2007
... It is likely hemorrhoids, but don't delay in getting it checked. Our fear of getting things checked is nothing compared to the trauma of going through cancer therapies. Get it checked out...find out that it is most likely nothing...then move on from there! God bless! Pam (3 replies)
Lump on bowel
May 19, 2006
... Hi Paul Welcome to another Brit :wave: I am sorry to hear that you are going through the mill with your investigations and you will at least find out or rule out what is wrong . You did not mention that anything was found after your sigmoidectomy....... so far so good. The CEA tests ...... they may take some more before your appointment in June ..... they will... (6 replies)
... Thank you for your reply. So far I don't have any other symptoms ( rectal bleeding, increased frequency of stool ....) Just if i press that spot I feel bruised slightly... is x ray and blood test will sufficient enough indicated something? thanks again for your time and kindly words CancerDad! (2 replies)
... Have you had any other symptoms... rectal bleeding, increased frequency of stool, pain of any sort? ... (2 replies)
... as veins protruding from the rectal wall are hemmorhoids, and "little bumps" are not present unless there is some sort of ulceration, in which case she would be experiencing bleeding. ... (7 replies)
... internal hemmorhoid will feel a worm, and won't hurt. You would also have some intermittent bleeding with a rectal tumor as well as a hemmorhoid. ... (7 replies)
... oom and I could not sit for about 30 minutes after. This alarmed me so I went to my doctor Friday. She conducted an exam and saw there was a fissure and felt a lump towards the front of the rectal wall. As well she took a stool sample and there is blood in it She immediately referred me to a surgeon to get a colonoscopy. ... (3 replies)
Lower Left Abdomen
Feb 17, 2004
... Recently I have been disturbed by the increasingly noticeable lump in my lower left abdomen, right above the pelvic bone. It seems as if I can feel the lump better when im lying down, but when I'm standing up or sitting down it's not that easy to feel it. ... (0 replies)
... will take for the gastro but now I am kicking myself. I should've asked for an exam with the tampon out. I asked her if that mass wasn't a tampon pushing on the rectal wall what else could it be and her exact words were "I have no idea". ... (2 replies)

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