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... if one had blood in his stool and often had thin stools does that automatically mean it is colon cancer? ... (14 replies)
... Thin and bloody stools certainly can be a sign of colon cancer. Get to a colon and rectal surgeon or GI doctor and schedule a colonoscopy ASAP. ... (14 replies)
... with blood in your stool, how many times a week did it occure or did you go months without any blood in your stool or was in a frequent thing? ... (14 replies)

... to my lower back. It started one day when I used the restroom and I finished but i felt like i needed to go more so I pushed a lot harder and recently after, my stool looked red and when i wiped it was bright red. ... (1 replies)
... irregular bm, thin oddly shaped stool, cramping, gas, etc. ... (45 replies)
... Neither before my cancer diagnosis nor after did have them much at night - like, if I had 3- 5 episodes of this "glowing/flushing" feeling per day, that last maybe 5 - 10 seconds, perhaps one of them per week would be at night, at the most - so a very small % would be at night. And nothing like soaking clothes or pjs or bedsheets or anything. I didn't have them at all... (14 replies)
... Jeni, didn you say in the 1st page that you had night sweat? now you said you never have them at night? i thought nightsweats were sweating during sleep. cheers (14 replies)
... The flushes may be just hormonal - some sort of perimenopause. If you're not soaking your bed, then probably not to worry. As for whether or not your ovaries are fried, it really depends on where your radiation was and whether they were in or near the radiation field. I've read that most women are sterile after abdominal radiation, but there are stories of women giving... (14 replies)
... Life2Short, I was getting what I would call hot flashes - nothing at all where clothes got soaked and rarely at night, I mean almost never at night. It was more like a "glowing" than an actual sweat. It was increasing prior to my diagnosis, but at the same time I also started skipping periods, maybe having only 1/2 of them, as I am 45 now and certainly marching toward... (14 replies)
... Wow, it is interesting to read this thread. I was diagnosed 2 1/2 yrs ago with stage 3 rectal cancer. I had occasional bleeding in my stools (for about 6-8 mths). It hurt like hemmorrids. My doctor stuck a tube up my rectum and confirmed my hemmorids were the problem. He decided this would be a good excuse for me to get my colonoscopy early in life. At the age of 46, I... (14 replies)
... For me, the night sweats are a full-body sheet and pajama soaking experience. As for blood in the stools, It came and went over the years but was not a prominent symptom for me. (14 replies)
... Mentalk, I'm 42. I've always been a bit of a fitness nut, so when I started to feel sick I dealt with it by getting more exercise - so I would go the doctor's office and complain about my painful swollen lymph nodes (in my groin) and the fact that I'm feeling tired and run down. Meanwhile, I'm suntanned and strong and when they ask me about exercise I would admit that I was... (14 replies)
... Life2Short, did you have night sweats ? Jeni (14 replies)
... Mentalk, yes I have colorectal cancer, specifically rectal cancer. I finished my chemo/rad and am waiting for surgery on Nov 13th. I would get a colonoscopy as soon as possible. That is the only way to really know. Jeni (14 replies)
... can i ask how old are you lifes2short? (14 replies)
... Jeni. have you CC? how are you going now. thanks (14 replies)
... No, it does not automatically mean cancer by any means. The problem is, you need to find out right away. If it is cancer, the earlier you find it, the better. It is treatable and beatable, to borrow one of those slogans. Don't wait - I waited too long, thinking it was hemorrhoids and while I am confident ( mostly !) I will be okay, I would still be in better shape... (14 replies)
... ently 8 months pregnant, due beginning of October. For a few months I have been having some problems with bowel movements. My first symptom was some blood on the stool itself and a little on the toilet paper. It's never been a lot but concerning to say the least. It has always been bright red. ... (3 replies)
... I started having some blood in my stool and I went to a GI doctor for an exam. ... (7 replies)

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