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Hi Guys,
I'm new here. Every time, I try to write a post about my condition, I delete it and don't continue with asking my questions. It took me years to be able to come up with questions because I didn't know what happened to my nose after the third rhinoplsty and why it became this way.

Immediately after surgery, my nose got too wide, crooked, flat and the skin got thicker and less manageable (after so many years, I'm still taping my nose at night since I'm still suffering from a lot of swelling).

Now, when I consult with doctors, there are some who believe that with narrowing the bones (further) and reducing tip cartilage and raising the tip, my nose will look nicer while others say that my issue has to do with lack of structure and that I may need rib or septum cartilage to raise the bridge to make it look less flat. Two doctors said that they don't want to operate on me since my nose will only build more scar tissue and I will be even more dissatisfied and frustrated.

My nose looked nice from the frontal view and fit my face nicely before the third rhinoplasty. From the side/profile view it was over projected and I needed my tip closer to my face. Many doctors recommended that i "leave it alone" because they thought it will hurt the front of my nose/face. I finally took the risk and did it.

I welcome any opinions, suggestions, etc... Please keep in mind that I'm more unhappy now than I was before my last rhinoplasty because it's about the front of my face now. So I don't think I can just live with it.

Thank you in advance

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