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Re: Breast Implants
Nov 10, 2003
i got mine in august. i am so happy imade the decision to get them. i never realized how much better i would feel about myself with nicer breasts. i had uneven breasts among other issues. i got silicone implants to correct them. i ended up only needing a 25cc difference to even out.

just be careful, if you only choose to augment the smaller breast your breasts will move and feel different from eachother. you may wish to just get the smallest possible implant in the larger breast to keep them consistent. this is what a friend of mine did anyway. if feel isnt such a big deal to you and you think 34C is your size, go for it. i went from a 32b to a 32d and i love them so much!!! i would do it again in a heartbeat.

i was only in a pain for a few days. i had rhinoplasty at the same time so i wasnt really able to go out or do anythign anyway, i had 2 black eyes. i remember i couldnt drive for about 2 weeks (i drive manual, if i drove an auto i would have probably been ok to drive in a week). i only took pain killers for 3 days or so, after that i was OK. it is so individual, some people are in pain for weeks and some people are never in that much pain. more than pain, it is uncomfort, it is a lot of weight on your chest. when you first wake up from surgery it feels like you have a hundred pound bag of sand on your chest. after a few days it gets easier to get around, the first few days i couldnt even get up on my own!! it also is kinda straining on your back to be up and about right after srugery, i felt like i always had a back ache from the extra weight. now i feel perfectly fine though. another thing that is annoying is sleeping on your back for a few weeks but it is well worth it!!


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