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Hello, I am very interested in getting rhinoplasty! I have been researching doctors for about a year! I even went to visit Dr. Dayan in Chicago! However, I live in Louisiana and the trip would have been just too much! I personally would feel more comfortable with a doctor in the region.

Basically what i am asking is if anybody can recommend a Southern surgeon that performs top notch primary rhinoplasty!
I have a appointment scheduled for Dr. Gunter. Does anybody have any news on him (good or bad).

I am very weary about doctors because i went to this doctor in Dallas for my earpinning and although it is better than before, i can not help thinking it could have been better. I am not complaining, however with my rhinoplasty i want the best.

Please if you can give me [U]any information about Dr. Gunter [/U] or any good southern rhinoplasty specialist, it would be greatly appreciated.

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