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i've just gotten rhino last week and got the cast removed today and could not have been more disappointed, especially considering how anxious i was to have this surgery for the past 10 years or so. my dr. made my nose MUCH smaller than we had discussed. in fact, we barely had discussions as i was rushed through my few conversations with her. i should have taken that as a clear sign that she was no good, but she seemed so reassuring that she would not do anything drastic. the dr. i went to was teresita mascardo and i am honestly considering creating a webpage bashing her because that is how disappointed i am with her. i've read other posts on this board painting her in a negative light as well, and i think that they are most likely deserved.

so, all that being said, i am seriously considering revision rhinplasty and i realize that it is probably early, but it is VERY apparent that this is not and will not be the nose that i wanted...even in a year. so my request is for all those who have had revision rhinplasty and if they can please share their experiences on this board. i have read so many posts about people looking into it but not much about those who have had it. also, is one year always the minimum for this procedure? what if it heals and the swelling goes down in less than a year? i barely have any swelling and it's only been one week post-op. i just really want to do this as soon as possible because i can't imagine living with this nose any longer than a few months. i am pretty upset right now so any words or reassurement would also be appreciated. thanks so much![/QUOTE]
DR.Tabbal is the man to go to.I lived with my nose botch by a former top plastic surgeon years ago for 15 years. You must know that you are much more than your nose. I had a severe deformity of my nose-there was no hiding it-but people still considered me beautiful because of how I presented myself and my personality. You should contact Dr. Tabbal and hear what he has to say. It is worth every penny. Good Luck!

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