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re: Thermage - I had my full face done on Dec 16, one day before my 53rd brithday. It was done in DC in the same office as Catherwood, for those of you who have been following the Thermage debate.

I'm really really happy already - in fact, I called the doctor's office the next morning to tell them how thrilled I was. Now, two weeks on, I see a little bit more improvement and we'll see what happens over the next few months. As you probably know, not everyone sees a difference right away - I can't explain that medically, but it's something to ask the doctor. I had just decided I wanted to take a shot at it - couldn't face surgery.

So far: My eyes are much less hooded, the lines from nose to mouth much much better, and neck is improved. My skin is firmer overall. Lines from mouth (my worst part) are better but not as good as I hope they might get. My husband says he can see the difference and I always can tell when he's humoring me - he's not. Jawline better but kind of same as lines from mouth - hoping for more.

In the office, the doctor told me that thinner skinned people seemed to respond better and things that are really really droopy can't be dealt with by Thermage. I think it's important when you go for the consult (and if you can get in to see the doc rather than the technician, do so) to get them to assess YOU, not just the generic statements about what this thing does, because people do seem to respond so differently.

The actual experience was no big deal - yes, it hurt around the jawline and eye ridge, where bone is close to skin, but I personally did not find it hard to take. I would do it again, no hesitation (but hope I won't have to). My neck was a little tender, kind of like a sunburn but on the inside, but that's gone now. I did not get any bumps, but they mentioned that that's pretty common and goes away, and I had only maybe a tiny bit of swelling on my neck - not even sure about that.

Of course this is just my opinion, but I think there is an art to this thing, and there are too many doctors who are letting their technicians do the work, who may not understand the anatomy or structure of the skin as well as an MD. I also think that perhaps the manufacturer is selling these things to too many untrained, greedy doctors, but that's just my gut feeling. I think it's very important to go to a doctor that has done a whole lot of Thermage prcedures, because I think they're learning from the experience - where to concentrate on, what level, etc.

And the cost? I knew the DC practice I went to is among the most expensive, but it's my face, and I wanted to maximize my chances for a good outcome. Hope that helps - it took me months to decide whther or not to do it because of tremendous variation in response. Oh, one more thing, I had seen half of someone's face done on the news here in DC, (by another doctor in same practice) and it was amazing. It was live, so there was no tv magic (I work in tv) and it was quite striking. That's what got me interested in the first place.

Good luck - think about your hopes, your expectations, and talk to a doctor that's experienced in this, even if you have to pay for their time.

I[QUOTE=fountainhead][FONT=Century Gothic] :bouncing:

I have not found out anything new about Thermage since October 2003 on this message board.

Does anybody have anything to say about their Thermage experiences?

I had the Thermage treatment about 3 weeks ago and I don't think I see any changes.

Does anybody have any new updates? :wave:[/QUOTE]

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