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[QUOTE=danya]Wow Molly! Can I be totally nosey and ask, How in the world did you keep it from your spouse? I was unbelievably miserable with yucky drainage and very, very sore.[/QUOTE]
LOL..........sure you can ask and I will tell...............I can't believe it either. Ok, My sister ( she is single) an I decided we wanted to do this and we thought it would be better to go together, my mom supported both of our decision to do this and took us. I told my DH that I was going Xmas shopping with my mom and my sister. I said we were going Thurs-Sun. We had the surgery on Thurs am. We were lucky we drained well so the drains were taken out on Friday. I was able to rest after the drains came out and when I got home on Sunday (wearing the "brace") I told my DH I slipped and the Dr told me to wear a brace. That worked for a few more days. Then I switched to a girdle and just said I was sleeping in it because it helped my back. That worked for a few nights and I had to give up sleeping in it. So I wore it every day and just stopped this week. Now I am wearing control top tights everyday, yes even under my pants. I want this bump to go away.
I just make sure I don't dress or undress in front of him so he can't see the scars. Its been a cold winter so I guess I am lucky for that!!
Thats the story. I feel so bad, I hate lying but he is dead set against it and I wanted to do it. This was for me and what he doesn't know didn't hurt him. But I just wish I didn't have to lie.
:) Molly

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