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Dr Jan R Adams (CA) – never seen any of his work
Dr Raj Kanodia (CA)– rumored to have done Tyra Banks nose, but her nose appears rather aesthetic. I can tell that she has had work done.
Dr Ellenbogen (CA) - heard he was Michael Jackson’s plastic surgeon….lol self-explanatory
Dr Anthony Griffin (CA) –did not like any of the noses he did on extreme makeover.
Dr Dean Toriumi (IL) - hailed as one of the best rhino surgeons
Dr Norman J Pastorek (NY) –haven’t see any of his work as of yet
Dr Denenberg (NE) – never seen any of his work
Dr Howard Bellin (NY) – heard too many horror stories about this doctor
Dr Michael Sachs (NY) – could be a possibility

There was one doctor that I ran across, his work appeared to be somewhat impressive. His name is Dr. Adam Tattlebaum.

Additional notable rhinoplastic surgeons
Dr. Gunter
Dr. Tabbal
Dr. Daniel
Dr. Constantinides
Dr. Pearlman

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