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I'm a 35 yer old male who has visited several cosmetic surgeons in the San Francisco area. I have a naturally round face with chubby cheeks. All I want is to take out some fo the roundess/softness and have a somewhat more defined, sculpted look (the softness doesnt go away with age for me).

Every doc agree that getting the buccal fat pads removed from my cheeks (see my father and grandfathers and uncles - that fat aint dissolving on its own).

I also wanted a little double-chin area and my jawline lipoed. But a few docs have said its more skin than fat (my genetics gave me a fleshy face - thanks genetics!) which isnt really a lipo thing.

However, a couple docs did say that they could lipo the little bit of fat and that it is possible that a side-effect of the lipo is that the skin may tighten up a little.

Another doc suggested getting a mini-neck lift. Just tightening up the area of skin under my chin.

I'm definitely doing the fat pads. However, the jawline not sure which way to go. Just wondering if anyone has any insight with either procedure?


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