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All I know is that when I went to see him he had a resident with him watching the pre op consult and I asked for privacy which he accepted reluctantly and then he had a nurse wait during the consult which I also asked her to leave since I believe that pre ops should be done in private. I felt like a lab rat...I felt uncomfortable. If you feel comfortable with others listening in on your problem then you will be fine cause he is very nice. But beware that he performs open rhinoplasty at 11k and that he is a resident trainer so he might have his resident perform certain aspects of the surgery. You should find out and consult with him, you might be satisfied.
P.S. He does computer imaging so you don't have to bring any photos
As far as I am concerned I have no choice but to get an open rhinoplasty since my primary left me with some problems. Did he mention that you will a scar under the base of your nose since that is where they will open you up?
Concerning Constantinides I have nothing really bad to say except that incident made me very uncomfortable but it ended well since I helped him with his website and afterwards all was forgotten. I just want to mention to you that maybe you should also check out his website to get an idea of his work. I am considering Tabaal who many say is a great nose doctor but I am still confused and scared. I hope all goes well. Let me know if you have any more questions. Good luck!!!
P.S. Were there any other doctors that have been recommended to you? Please let me know of anyone else you are considering. Where did you hear of constantinides?

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