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Okay here is my rundown.

The doctors that I have consulted with in the NY area included Dr. Howard Bellin, Dr. Dennis Barek, Dr. David Antell, Dr. Thomas Romo III, Dr. Minas Constantinides, Dr. Nicolas Tabbal, Dr. Steven Pearlman and Dr. Andrew Kornstein.

Here was my opinion with each consultation.

I was rather comfortable with Dr. Dennis Barek, he provided me with plenty of pictures of previous patients, but as far as my problem, the patients that I saw did not have a drastic difference, nothing that really stood out. His approach was a bit conservative IMO. Not only, I was not thrilled with the idea of him wanting to utilize Gore-Tex implant. As time progressed, I did not realize his office was his home.

Dr. Howard Bellin, he proclaimed he was the best nose surgery on the east coast, I felt uncomfortable with his arrogance. I also heard horror stories about his on the boards.

Dr. David Antell, all of his pictures were horrible, all of his noses had an aesthetic appearance (very very unnatural).

Dr. Thomas Romo III, never saw pictures of any of his patients, seemed quite rushed during the consultation

Dr. Nicolas Tabbal, actually showed me a picture of a patient, I met one of his patients in person…phenomenal work. Sat down with me, explained every question I had, even when I forgot some questions, the receptionist squeezed me in later the same day and Tabbal spoke with me some more (another 40 minutes or so). Suggested open because I would require extensive tip work. No implant would be utilized. I actually found Tabbal warming and caring….Tabbal said from the alar base reduction and open that you should barely see my scars and that they should hide pretty good. He also puts you on a regimen of vitamins that assist in reduction of scarring prior to surgery which includes Vitamin K and some other creams and etc..Tabbal said if he could, he would perform closed in my case, but because of the extensive tip work required open would “most” likely render satisfying results rather than the need to go in for a revision.

Dr. Andrew Kornstein, one of his patients told me he was an excellent doctor, but he would need more time working on noses. Saw one of his patients and I was not thrilled by how hard the tip was and the scarring.

Dr. Minas Constantinides, viewed pictures of previous patients, all noses appeared very natural, sat down in his office and he answered all questions, was thrilled by my nasal anatomy knowledge and other physiological knowledge (I’m pre-med Biochemistry major and so was he). He seemed more excited than I and was basically speaking to me in medical lingo lol. Told me the pros and cons of alar base reduction, why he performs open and why he would use Gore-Tex implant. I’m not thrilled with the Gore-Tex implant idea and will relay this information. NO FOREIGEN MATERIALS IN THIS BODY. He did not exactly try to sell the idea of the Gore-Tex implant, but he reasoned why it would be better. Told me there would be a scar from the open as well as the alar base reduction, but the fading depends on each individual. From his pictures, the scar was not bad in the least bit. He said from my anatomy, my scar would hide pretty well in my creases, which I agree after looking at my nose in the mirror….also said that open would reduce the need for revision in my case. Constantinides medically examined me, recommended x-rays and alternatives to some breathing problems I have.

Dr. Steven Pearlman, his work appeared rather natural, however one case I thought the patient had an aesthetic outcome, but she was a SEVERE CASE. Said that his knowledge of the nose is extensive where he can perform primary using the closed technique. He uses the open technique in difficult cases, usually revisions. However, if I require extensive tip work as Tabbal, Constantinides and Pearlman suggest, how can he see and view the entire anatomy closed? Pearlman took his time with me, answered all questions, provided thorough explanations, showed pictures and medically examined me. Prescribed medications to attempt to correct my problem and using surgery as the final step if all else failed.

In all, I’m torn between Constantinides and Tabbal. Both gave me realistic expectations, provided pros and cons for my situation, explained why certain procedures would be in my favor verse others.

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