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I'm about to do my 2nd rhynoplasty as a result of a bad first one. My inner structure of my nose is a complete mess according to the doctors I have seen thus far which include Drs. Pastornak, Labruna (Cornell), Bellin, and Tabbal. Pastornak said he didn't even want to touch it because of the complexity of the operation and referred me to Dr. Toriumi in Chicago which is difficult for me since I live in NYC. Because of many sites which talk about Tabbal I decided to go for a consultation yesterday. Unfortunately, as many of you guys know already you can't go by your consultation. The best way is to do your research and find out about others who have used the doctor. The hard part is that there are always one or two unhappy customers for even the best doctors in the world. You just have to pray that you don't be that 3rd. Can others who have had or have seen Dr. Tabbal's work give me some information on him? Because of my breathing problems Dr. LaBruna at Cornell University said he could put it through insurance and most of it would be paid but I haven't heard much about him so I'm scared to go to him. I'd rather pay cash to just get the job done right. Help!
Hi Dec..
Sorry To Hear About Your Situation, I Can Totally Relate To You. For What Its Worth You Are Not Alone.
Your Best Bet Is To Use A Reconstruction Doctor Who Is Also An Ent,, Someone Who Just Does Faces. Tabbal Is Neither, He Is Just General Plastic Surgeon. Please Be Careful With Him. I Used Him For My Nose, And I Regret The Day I Ever Did It. He Destroyed Me Mentally And Phsycially. I Have Been Looking For The Past 2 Years To Find A Revision Doctor Who Can Help Me. Most Doctors Refer Me To Toriumi And Gunter, They Both Said I Need A Ribgraft Cause Of The Damage Tabbal Did To My Nose.
How Did Your Consult Go? He Didnt Show You Pictures, Are You Willing To Take The Chance And Not See Any Of His Work? He Was Very Nice Before My Surgery, And After He Turned Into An Arrogant Cold Hearted Jerk! There Are Not Many Doctors In Ny Who Can Do Difficult Revisions, You Might Have To Travel. I Am Still Searching To Find The Right Doctor,
Hang In There, And Dont Rush Into Something You Will Regret. There Is A Doctor Out There Who Can Help Us, We Just Have To Find Him.

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