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Dr. Nicholas Tabbal
Apr 10, 2004
I am interested in having a primary rhinoplasty and went to Dr. Tabbal for a consultation. I was very pleased with the consultation but concerned that no before and after pictures were available. I have heard by all accounts that he is wonderful doctor and I do not question his abilities. However, my concern is this: every person has a different aesthetic taste, so what may be beautiful to most people might not be beautiful to me. I certainly prefer a natural looking nose to a perfect nose and would rather have a bad natural nose than a nose that you can tell has been done. But it's also a combination and just personal preference so I'd like to find a surgeon whose aesthetic sensibilities match my own. I will not have resources for any revisions so a good first time result is a necessity and something I have saved for years for.
To this end, is there any kind soul out there who be willing to share their "before and after" pictures of the result they achieved with Dr. Tabbal? I would assure you that your pictures will be handled in the strictest of confidence and you would have my undying gratitude. Many thanks!
I totally agree with you. I had a primary that went wrong for many reasons and not directly cause of the surgeon. I am considering Tabbal since so many have mentioned him but he does not give before and afters which I dont't know why. But I was wondering....does he give you an idea of what he is going to do using a computer imaging or by drawing etc. ? Did you have a good feeling about him competency wise? Were there any other surgeons that you have consulted with and if yes, who were they and what did you think about them?
i didn't consult with anyone else because he was very highly recommended by a celebrity pal. She has not used him but has seen people who have. That doesn't mean here taste is the same as mine, however.. Dr. Tabbal sends you for medical photographs which he then draws on.
Are any of you bothered at all by the new rule at Manhattan Eye Ear & Throat (where Tabbal operates) saying that you must be under general anasthesia (i.e. intubated in the throat) for all surgeries? Are you still going forward with your rhinoplasties with Tabbal even though you'd have to be totally under?
[QUOTE=heavensabvus]i didn't consult with anyone else because he was very highly recommended by a celebrity pal. She has not used him but has seen people who have. That doesn't mean here taste is the same as mine, however.. Dr. Tabbal sends you for medical photographs which he then draws on.[/QUOTE]

Almost all doctors who don't show before and afters send you to get medical photographs and then they draw on them to give you an idea.

I didn't know that they even did rhinoplasties without you being under general anesthesia. I would not consider being awake for such a surgery. I've had both jaw and dental surgeries. For me, dental has been ok to be awake; I'm even awake during colonoscopies, but for the breaking of bones - no way.
I had a revision Rhinoplasty with Dr. Tabbal recently. This was my fourth surgery as I was in an accident that caused severe damage to my nose. My surgeries have taken place over many years but no one has been able to fix it until now. It has been two months since my last surgery and I am so happy with the results. Dr. Tabbal is unbelievably talented and he has fixed everything that no one else could. For revision surgery this is definitely the doctor to go to.
Does anyone know what celebrities he's done? I want to know who did J Lo's and Sarah Jessica Parker's noses. They both look really natural and you can't evern tell they had them done. Also who's the best in LA?
oh my god, are you serious??? I am so so sorry to hear that. Would you mind telling me a bit more about your experience? It will be my first and of course I'm praying my only surgery. I need very minor work, so I'm trying to find the best doctor.
I had a primary with Tabbal last year.I'm very unhappy with the result.My advise to you is at least consider several surgeons before making a choice.Tabbal does do digital imaging if you request it.
Hey AK,

but if you do digital imaging, how can they possibly duplicate it? I don't imagine that they can. It's a guide, but I'm wary of that Why were you unhappy? Did you have a revision? Would you say his aesthetics aren't great? Would you recommend any other docs, in NY or LA?

I'm so terribly sorry to hear your situation. It sounds awful and it makes me question whther or not I'll do it. I need very subtly changes and god forbid someone ruined me I would be a mess. You've convinced me not to go with Tabbal. I hear Nassif and Kanodia in LA are very good.
I had a primary done by Dr Tabbal three weeks ago. I had a lot of bruising and swelling from my eyes down to my chin. However that is gone now but I still have trouble breathing through my nose. I hope the breathing problem means there is still some swelling inside. Does anyone out there know? Aside from all that, my nose looks much improved and very natural. It is basically my nose without the bump. I think Tabbal is noted for very natural looking work.
why did you decide to go with Tabbal? Who else did you have consults with. I am trying to find a great doc for a primary. For minor work, just some refining
Hi Whonose! I live in LA. But I have family in New York. That's why I was looking at both though I would prefer to do it in LA. My only fear is that the LA doctors are very aggressive since everyone and their mother has work done here, so I'm just a little skeptical. I tend to think that if the doctor is a little conservative then it's better. Do you know any great doctors in LA. I've been searching the board and there seems to be a lot of praise for Dr. Nassif...but it could be from someone in his office...
I went to Dr Tabbal precisely because I had heard from others that he does not attempt to change your face but just refine your nose. That's what I wanted. Most people do not seem to even recognize that I had a nose job because mine is not a drastic change. I had a bump on my nose which is now gone.
Speaking of Dr.Pastorek,I consulted with him recently and found him to be very honest and thorough.I believe the patient of his who died at Manhatten Eye actually died before he even touched her.
The patient who died wasnt it Olivier Goldsmith? i am from uk and too am desperate to find a surgeon for revision surgery just on the tip of me nose and to stop the bleeding ive had for 3 years from a botched primary nose job with dr Michael Sachs(dont know how he earnt the title cosmetic surgeon) HES RUBBISH.Ruined my nose.Do u think John Shermans any good? im so confused!
Speaking from experience, I had three procedures done with Tabbal at ear eye and throat including rhinoplasty. I was nervous about going under but the chances of anything going wrong are so slim. usually there are other circumstances that aren't talked about in the news when something does happen to go wrong. Using Tabbal was the best decision I ever made. I was a little taken back by his reluctance to show pictures but after going on 6 consultations and seeing his work on someone else I went with him. He is an artist and doesn't give the same nose to everyone. he gives you a nose that looks like you should have been born with it if you had a great nose! (if that makes any sense). Anyway I highly recommend him.
I'm about to do my 2nd rhynoplasty as a result of a bad first one. My inner structure of my nose is a complete mess according to the doctors I have seen thus far which include Drs. Pastornak, Labruna (Cornell), Bellin, and Tabbal. Pastornak said he didn't even want to touch it because of the complexity of the operation and referred me to Dr. Toriumi in Chicago which is difficult for me since I live in NYC. Because of many sites which talk about Tabbal I decided to go for a consultation yesterday. Unfortunately, as many of you guys know already you can't go by your consultation. The best way is to do your research and find out about others who have used the doctor. The hard part is that there are always one or two unhappy customers for even the best doctors in the world. You just have to pray that you don't be that 3rd. Can others who have had or have seen Dr. Tabbal's work give me some information on him? Because of my breathing problems Dr. LaBruna at Cornell University said he could put it through insurance and most of it would be paid but I haven't heard much about him so I'm scared to go to him. I'd rather pay cash to just get the job done right. Help!
Hi Dec..
Sorry To Hear About Your Situation, I Can Totally Relate To You. For What Its Worth You Are Not Alone.
Your Best Bet Is To Use A Reconstruction Doctor Who Is Also An Ent,, Someone Who Just Does Faces. Tabbal Is Neither, He Is Just General Plastic Surgeon. Please Be Careful With Him. I Used Him For My Nose, And I Regret The Day I Ever Did It. He Destroyed Me Mentally And Phsycially. I Have Been Looking For The Past 2 Years To Find A Revision Doctor Who Can Help Me. Most Doctors Refer Me To Toriumi And Gunter, They Both Said I Need A Ribgraft Cause Of The Damage Tabbal Did To My Nose.
How Did Your Consult Go? He Didnt Show You Pictures, Are You Willing To Take The Chance And Not See Any Of His Work? He Was Very Nice Before My Surgery, And After He Turned Into An Arrogant Cold Hearted Jerk! There Are Not Many Doctors In Ny Who Can Do Difficult Revisions, You Might Have To Travel. I Am Still Searching To Find The Right Doctor,
Hang In There, And Dont Rush Into Something You Will Regret. There Is A Doctor Out There Who Can Help Us, We Just Have To Find Him.
I am also searching diligently for the best, light handed not too perfect style surgeon or my primary and hopefully ONLY rhinoplasty. I have consulted with Dr. Sherrell Aston- he did a friend of mine- beautiful girl just thought she had an adorable nose but NEVER suspected until she told me and showed me a before picture. She went from average to very beautiful. I am one of those people who can really spot a nose job even the good ones so i HAD to meet him. He is also a no photos Doctor. Even though I've seen her work I still wanted to see others. His suggestions to me sounded a bit more than i felt I needed, but it's so hard to tell what a Dr. really means. i just know the type of look I want and that i want a only a minor change, the nose I should have been born with, not some sculpture in the center of my face- it can be so scary. So anyway my point is that I am also scheduled to meet with Dr Tabbal and I was wondering if you happened to know any of the names of his past patients. If they're celebrities clearly that may give us a better idea.Thanks!
I used Dr. Tabbal after having two previous terrible nose surgeries. I was refered to him by several NYC doctors. I was also referred to Dr. Gunter in Texas but felt that it was just to far to travel. I now wish that I hadn't made that mistake. Tabbal didn't manage to staighten my crooked nose or make it look that much better. I even went back and he put in a graft but it still does not look good. I have sent some pictures to Dr. Gunter to see if he feels he can correct this. I am so mad that if Tabbal didn't think he could fix my nose why he didn't send me straight to someone who could. Has anyone heard anything about Dr. Gunter. It seems like he is supposed to be the best.
[QUOTE=CTnose]Has anyone heard anything about Dr. Gunter. It seems like he is supposed to be the best.[/QUOTE]

I have heard all good things about him and I had my consult about two weeks ago. I really liked his before and afters, it looks like he's particularly good at correcting complicated cases. He showed me what he wanted to do on me and I really liked it. I have my surgery scheduled already and I will post when it's finished. The only downside so far is the cost. Because he has to do a rib graft, it will cost about $16,000. However, as expensive as it is, I think it's worth it. By having Gunter as my ps I know that I will never touch my nose again because if he can't get it the way I like it, then I don't think anyone else will be able to.
Good Luck to you CT and all the best.. Im sure everything will work out in your favor, and you never have to visit these boards again! Is gunter going to use Kwire along with the rib? I liked his before and after pictures too, The only thing that is stopping me from using him , is the kwire, he is the only doctor that uses it, so I am alittle hestitant.
keep us posted.. and im sending happy vibes your way!
[QUOTE=BeautyNowBeast]Good Luck to you CT and all the best.. Im sure everything will work out in your favor, and you never have to visit these boards again! Is gunter going to use Kwire along with the rib? I liked his before and after pictures too, The only thing that is stopping me from using him , is the kwire, he is the only doctor that uses it, so I am alittle hestitant.
keep us posted.. and im sending happy vibes your way![/QUOTE]

Umm, I don't really know if he's going to use kwire? Maybe I should ask, lol. I'll def. let you know how it goes... thanks for the happy vibes =) !
Hello. I am looking for a plastic surgeon for rhinoplasty. I have narrowed my list down to four surgeons. They are:Nicholas Tabbal, Norman V Godfrey, Daniel C Baker, and Sherrell Aston. If anyone can provide me with some feedback based on personal experiences I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you. :)
I am seeking revision rhinoplasty 7 years after the simplest of procedures was botched (mostly cartilage removal). I had no less than 9 consults at the time, and went to one of the best in NYC, who also happened to be a otorolygist. I am considering Dr. Tabbal, but also had read good things about Geoffrey Tobias and Steven Pearlman in NYC, if anyone has any information about them. Thanks for any information
Read the previous posts , There are 2 people who had unsatisfactory results including myself who used Tabbal.
He is not a revisionist which he claims to be. He made my problems worse not better.
Can I ask - where does Dr. Tabbal practice? I live in Raleigh NC and am seeking a good revision rhino. Had an OK rhino and a septoplasty 30 years ago, but the tip has always need tweaking. Milkshake, since you offered someone else on this thread that you could suggest someone in a specific state, perhaps you have ideas whether there is anyone in NC or a nearby state that I could consult with.

[QUOTE=WhoNose]milkshake..... Maybe you can find a good doctor in the state you live in.. am i allowed to ask where that is? There are a few doctors that do nice refining of the nose.. let me know what state your looking to have it done.. If its just some refining maybe you dont have to travel?[/QUOTE]
I will see Dr Tabbal in october, but now after reading this I am scared. He is very famous, , and experienced,how can he behave like this with a patient.
Tabbal is not a reconstruction surgeon, facial surgeon or even an ent. He is a general ps.
There are much better chioices then him for a revision. He takes on more than he can handle. He left me with alot of structural problems, I need a revision because of this.

I saw Tabbal and Pastorek and I dont know which to use?

Do i do closed with Pastorek?
or open with Tabbal?


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