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Dr. Nicholas Tabbal
Apr 10, 2004
I am interested in having a primary rhinoplasty and went to Dr. Tabbal for a consultation. I was very pleased with the consultation but concerned that no before and after pictures were available. I have heard by all accounts that he is wonderful doctor and I do not question his abilities. However, my concern is this: every person has a different aesthetic taste, so what may be beautiful to most people might not be beautiful to me. I certainly prefer a natural looking nose to a perfect nose and would rather have a bad natural nose than a nose that you can tell has been done. But it's also a combination and just personal preference so I'd like to find a surgeon whose aesthetic sensibilities match my own. I will not have resources for any revisions so a good first time result is a necessity and something I have saved for years for.
To this end, is there any kind soul out there who be willing to share their "before and after" pictures of the result they achieved with Dr. Tabbal? I would assure you that your pictures will be handled in the strictest of confidence and you would have my undying gratitude. Many thanks!
I had a revision Rhinoplasty with Dr. Tabbal recently. This was my fourth surgery as I was in an accident that caused severe damage to my nose. My surgeries have taken place over many years but no one has been able to fix it until now. It has been two months since my last surgery and I am so happy with the results. Dr. Tabbal is unbelievably talented and he has fixed everything that no one else could. For revision surgery this is definitely the doctor to go to.
Speaking from experience, I had three procedures done with Tabbal at ear eye and throat including rhinoplasty. I was nervous about going under but the chances of anything going wrong are so slim. usually there are other circumstances that aren't talked about in the news when something does happen to go wrong. Using Tabbal was the best decision I ever made. I was a little taken back by his reluctance to show pictures but after going on 6 consultations and seeing his work on someone else I went with him. He is an artist and doesn't give the same nose to everyone. he gives you a nose that looks like you should have been born with it if you had a great nose! (if that makes any sense). Anyway I highly recommend him.
I am also searching diligently for the best, light handed not too perfect style surgeon or my primary and hopefully ONLY rhinoplasty. I have consulted with Dr. Sherrell Aston- he did a friend of mine- beautiful girl just thought she had an adorable nose but NEVER suspected until she told me and showed me a before picture. She went from average to very beautiful. I am one of those people who can really spot a nose job even the good ones so i HAD to meet him. He is also a no photos Doctor. Even though I've seen her work I still wanted to see others. His suggestions to me sounded a bit more than i felt I needed, but it's so hard to tell what a Dr. really means. i just know the type of look I want and that i want a only a minor change, the nose I should have been born with, not some sculpture in the center of my face- it can be so scary. So anyway my point is that I am also scheduled to meet with Dr Tabbal and I was wondering if you happened to know any of the names of his past patients. If they're celebrities clearly that may give us a better idea.Thanks!
Hello. I am looking for a plastic surgeon for rhinoplasty. I have narrowed my list down to four surgeons. They are:Nicholas Tabbal, Norman V Godfrey, Daniel C Baker, and Sherrell Aston. If anyone can provide me with some feedback based on personal experiences I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you. :)
I am seeking revision rhinoplasty 7 years after the simplest of procedures was botched (mostly cartilage removal). I had no less than 9 consults at the time, and went to one of the best in NYC, who also happened to be a otorolygist. I am considering Dr. Tabbal, but also had read good things about Geoffrey Tobias and Steven Pearlman in NYC, if anyone has any information about them. Thanks for any information

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