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[QUOTE=jondoe]Hey all,
Im considering having a few moles on my back and face removed by a plastic surgeon. If i have a pro like a plastic surgeon remove the moles instead of like a dermo do it, will there still be a real noticeable scar? I would think they could do it and use alot of stiches so the scaring would be small if at all. Would anyone that has had this kind of thing done, please enlighten me with their experience. Thanks. P.S. i don't think i can do it with laser cause they are raised moles? is that true? Thanks[/QUOTE]

I would HIGHLY recceomend a a PS for the removal. I had one on my face "shaved off" by a dermo and it is still there just a little more flat and I hate it. I am gonig in in a few weeks to talk to a PS about it. My insurance will cover it as long as it is done out patient at a hospital. Let me know if you have had it done and what luck you had. OH and I had a friend who had a Dermo cut 2 off her face and stitch them and she really has scars. :eek: I think when it comes to the face a PS is the ONLY way to go!!!

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