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Enlarged Jaw help!
Apr 28, 2004
Hi all ,
im a 22 year old male who is about 5foot7 which is a little over 170cm i think...I had thought about increasing my height for a while and had never done anything about it .. Then recently I decided to get 'Height Gainer Pro' HGH pill supplements and 'Kimi' which are a pair of soles which increase human growth hormone production..I had been using both for about a month before i started to realise that my bite just didnt feel right... I looked in the mirror and my top teeth are overlapping quite a bit with the lower teeth sunk behind.. I also noticed when chewing gum that my whole lower jaw moved and my chin looked bigger and squarer.
I decided to do some research about HGH on the net (which i should have done initially...before trying the products!) and apparently a surplus of it causes prognathism,Acromegaly,gigantism...wherein the bones in the lower jaw,hands,nose and feet continue to enlarge whilst nothing else does!..
I now look a lot worse than I did ,and this has really hit my confidence... i have very low self esteem and even contemplate know... to end it all ... Really I should talk to someone about this but I know what they will say , that im fine and that I should'nt worry about it .. but its something I cant get over..looking the way I do now as opposed to the past..
What I am asking is if there is anything I can do about it, I cant afford surgery yet but if there is anything I can do to reverse the side effects of my foolish tampering with God's moulding then its something i could save for...

any help is appreciated


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