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I met with Dr. Norman Godfrey in NYC regarding rhinoplasty. (He is one of the best plastic surgeons in NY magazine.) He was pretty insistent that general anesthesia is the way to go during rhinoplasty (i.e. tube down your throat, doing it in a hospital). He said that he'd be willing to give me local anesthesia with IV sedation, but that he doesn't like to because banging on my nose could obstruct my breathing, and cause the blood to pool in my throat which I can choke on. He said general anesthesia solves this because the tube breathes FOR me, so there is less of a risk for complication even for someone healthy. That because the operation involves the nose, there is a risk that I wouldn't be able to breathe during the surgery, so local with IV is bad.
Has anyone had any other doctor tell them something like this? Have any of you opted for general? Anyone met Dr. Godfrey before?

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