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here is the deal. this turf battle is about 80 years old. plastic surgery as a specialty is only about 100 years old. at the beginning (really WWI) otolaryngologists and general surgeons were the pioneers of what has become the practice of plastic surgery. starting in the 1960's, facial plastic surgery was formalized as a part ot otolaryngology residency training. it makes up 25% of the otolaryngology boards exam (along with otology, head and neck oncology, pediatric otolaryngology). plastic surgeons must complete at least 3 years of general surgery (mostly abdominal procedures) and at least 2 years of plastic surgery. this plastic surgery training encompasses body surgery (breasts, lipo...), hand, burns, diabetic wounds and facial surgery.

facial plastic surgeons must complete 1 year of general surgery and 4 years of head and neck surgery. then they do 1 year of exclusively facial plastic surgery in a fellowship.

so when you say they are "not surgeons" you are wrong. they are not general surgeons. they have spent almost all of their training in the head and neck. if you want to find a properly trained surgeon, you should check for someone certified by the board of plastic and reconstructive surgery of the board of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery. facial plastic surgeons are subspecialists in the head and neck. all the propaganda about "must be certified by ABPS" is a bunch of hooey.

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