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Chubby Cheeks
May 25, 2004
Hey folks. I'm a 28 yr old male with a round chubby cheeks. Because of this I get told very often that I have a baby face. I've gone to a few PS for suggestions on how to get a more chisseled look in my face.
So far the recomendations are Chin Implant with Submental Lipo to strengthen the chin, and Buccal Fat removal. One last PS, which is a reputable Facial PS which has a Masters degree in Art, recomended all of those in addition to Cheek Implants. He said he'll use the ones that lie just under the submalar bone. He said it will not make my face wider but just lift that area up a bit to chisel me out....

Anybody here had any of these done for the same problem I have? Anybody here know of someone who had these done? I'm a bit aprehensive about the CHeek Implants since I feel I have enough volume in my cheek bone area....thanx in advance.


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