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I had a primary rhinoplasty with Tabbal last year.I'm very unhappy with the result.As far as my experience is concerned his reputation is highly inflated.I'm looking for a new surgeon for a revision!!
Hi everyone,

Thankyou for sharing your experiences with me. I am very thankful to hear your stories. I had a rhinoplasty that left my nose looking broken, uneven and a collapsed bridge. My doctor was dr lebowitz. I had him with my insurance since I had trouble breathing. I must admit that my surgery was complicated and I don't blame my doctor completely for the what happened but I am left with a messed up looking nose and it is draining my self esteem and confidence. I find it harder to date since I am so self conscious about it. It is very disappointing to hear that dr tabbal is not what he is cracked up to be. I had very high expectations for going to him. I never heard of quatela but i am going to look him up. Please anyone out there let me know of someone in nyc that is competent enough to perform serious revision rhinoplasties. Thanks again for posting your experiences

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