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[QUOTE=Jaquiline]Hi --
I will be seeing Dr. Tobias on Friday August 13th, and I'll let you know what I think and what he says -- my nose is a difficult one.[/QUOTE]

Hi Jaquiline
Did you visit with the Doctor on Friday and what was your opinion of him?

Did you see the post about Doctor Toriumi in Chicago. He is rated one of the best in the world? Check him out of the web

I was thinking of you on Friday

I just wanted to say that I am writing on these boards only because I feel, after the experiences that I have had, that it is really important to exchange information and experiences. It is really hard to figure all of this out - which doctor to use - and it is certainly impossible by yourself. It is especially complicated in the case of rhinoplasty because the final results are not really known for a really long time. For me, I was moderately satisfied (not thrilled) for a long time after surgery by Dr. Tobias. I knew that some of the things that I had hoped to change were not dramatically altered but I felt that overall my nose was improved. Only after more than a year when the assymmetry and pointiness really became obvious did I become really dissatisfied. I should point out that I am less than a year recovered from surgery with Dr. Toriumi so there is no guarantee that some undesirable characteristics won't emerge. However, my nose now looks better than it ever has, by a lot. Even soon after surgery with Dr. Tobias, my nose never looked symmetrical - I always felt like it looked like two different noses - one from each side. Anyway, I really hope that sharing my story has helped some.
Hi Elle

When you went out of town for your surgeries where did you stay and how long did you need to stay. I think that I am now leaning toward Doctor Toriumi. These are just little facts for which I am curious. How much does Doctor Toriumi charge for the procedure?? Thanks for all of your comments. They have been extremely helpful.
hey everyone
well...without giving out to much info about myself i'm a full time athlete practicing 6 days a week for 3-4 hours for my sport and have yet to graduate highschool, but will be soon.
-i have a deviated septum and have had aching sinus headaches nearly everyday/infections a few times a year since the age of 2.
i was planning on visiting dr. tobias in a few weeks-march 19th for a consultation and surgery following the next day. unable to make numerous trips and bc of my schedule explains why i would have to have my surgery the day after my consulation. i would have my septum fixed as well as cosmetic concerning the bridge in my nose and someone large bulbous on my tip
-after reading the many posts about dr. tobias i'm very nervous and now greatly fear i'm choosing the wrong doctor. however, his website, numerous t.v. appearances, and magazines shows he's the best out there which is why i'm some what shocked to hear all these terrible responses to his surgeries. someone mentioned Doctor Toriumi in Chicago and said he was one of the best and were very happy with his surgery, yet i can't find a single thing about him on the internet...if he's top how can i not find any info about him
sorry for the long post, but i'm rather in a panic bc of the upcoming surgery and i must make a decision soon bc of the 1000 deposit to dr. tobias b4 the surgery..therefore i need to kno if i should cancel it or not ahhhh the downfall is this is the one and only time i'll be able to have this surgery and if i change/cancel tobias i wont be able to get into another surgeon for quite sometime which i can not afford bc of my schedule with my sport and school.

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