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Has anyone heard about Jeoffrey Tobias? He's supposed to be a very good revision rhinoplasty MD.
Hi Beverg,
My nose is just a combination of turned up but also too wide at the tip, so it's very difficult for surgeons to fix, since by narrowing the tip they will make it turned up even more. I've been told by several different surgeons that it's almost like a revision, in that the Dr. will have to weigh the two (up-turn and wideness) carefully to not make it worse . In some ways, I look like I've had a bad rhinoplasty already :) Hence my search for a very experienced surgeon. Also, I'm getting married next summer, so I really, really don't want to go through with the surgery unless it seems like the Dr. will get it right the first time. As far as your situation, I will definitely keep you posted and let you know the details of what he says & I will ask him some Qs on revision rhinos to, to see if I can find anything out for you. I really think that if you're unhappy, there's no time like the present to change things for the better. While doing research the other revision rhinoplasty MD I came across is Dr. Nassif of the Spalding Ctr. in Beverly Hills, CA. He's world-renowned. Stay positive and hang in there!
I just wanted to say that I am writing on these boards only because I feel, after the experiences that I have had, that it is really important to exchange information and experiences. It is really hard to figure all of this out - which doctor to use - and it is certainly impossible by yourself. It is especially complicated in the case of rhinoplasty because the final results are not really known for a really long time. For me, I was moderately satisfied (not thrilled) for a long time after surgery by Dr. Tobias. I knew that some of the things that I had hoped to change were not dramatically altered but I felt that overall my nose was improved. Only after more than a year when the assymmetry and pointiness really became obvious did I become really dissatisfied. I should point out that I am less than a year recovered from surgery with Dr. Toriumi so there is no guarantee that some undesirable characteristics won't emerge. However, my nose now looks better than it ever has, by a lot. Even soon after surgery with Dr. Tobias, my nose never looked symmetrical - I always felt like it looked like two different noses - one from each side. Anyway, I really hope that sharing my story has helped some.
I live in Chicago which makes it more ironic that I travelled to NY/NJ to have my first surgeries with Dr. Tobias when Dr. Toriumi was right in my own city! I was really taken in by all of the positive media attention that Dr. Tobias seemed to get and so I thought that he was really good. Unfortunately, I think that he just doesn't have the surgical skllls that he claims. I also didn't have any knowledge of Dr. Toriumi. Anyway, I have read a lot of information and personal experiences on the internet and it really seems to me that there are two names that get mentioned all the time for revision rhinoplasty - Dr. Gunter (TX) and Dr. Toriumi (IL). I can only vouch for Dr. Toriumi - and I really feel that the emphasis that he has shown in following up with my case is very encouraging. He really wants to make sure that I am happy at the end of this. Dr. Tobias never cared whether he ever saw me again. Anyway, I came very close to never visiting these boards again because I thought that I was happy and done with it all. But I realize now that maybe I can help someone else and I can only hope that that happens. I just know that pain of it all and the true happiness of finally looking on the outside the way that you feel on the inside! ;)

I hope that sharing my story has helped some. It is such a difficult thing to figure out! Unfortunately, I can't tell you for sure whether your nose would look acceptable for your wedding if it was only four months after surgery. I really think that good rhinoplasty looks acceptable in only a couple of weeks but it doesn't look nearly as good as the final result. And whether that would be good enough for wedding pictures - I really can't say. I personally would think it would be okay to have surgery four months before your wedding if you were okay with knowing that you would still be somewhat swollen. (There are things that you can do to minimize the swelling too - no salty foods or alcohol for the the weeks surrounding the surgery.) Anyway, your wedding is far enough away that I would suggest that you have a few consultations with recommended doctors and ask them about your concerns. Then you can make the right decision for you. Best of luck!!
You need to look at rhinoplasty 4 you. There are many people who share stories along with pics. There are plenty of people who talk about their surgical experiences and they have pics to prove it.A very good surgeon recommended seems to be Dr. Davis in Miami. There are also pros and cons on different docs.
Check it ou!
Very useful
:wave: Hi Bev and everyone,
Thanks so much for all of your advice and input -- you all have really saved me a lot of pain and suffering by giving me your honest opinion about Dr. Tobias. Bev: Thanks for your kind thoughts and for your help! I have done some research too and have found a lot of great info on Dr. Toriumi -- he's featured on the cover of Chicago Magazine's "Top Doctors" report. I have also found a few "surgery journals" on the web from two of his patients and not only did they describe/show pics of excellent, artistic and fitting rhinoplasty results (one had a nose very similar to mine -- very difficult), but there were nothing but glowing comments about his staff. I have also found a site called "yes they're fake" (do a search on google). The title of the site is a little silly, but it offers a great amount of information, boards and tons of surgery journals. As with this board, the folks on it are really supportive too, and I think it's worth a look. I'll keep you posted with any further info I find, but for the moment it seems like I'll be travelling to Chicago (I live in Boston) to get the surgery w/ Toriumi. His first opening was in March of 2005!!! So, I'll be waiting until after my wedding. Probably not a good idea to make such a drastic change prior to it anyway... ;)
Thanks you guys -- you're awesome!!!! :)
Hi everyone,
I'm so glad I found you guys. You all sound so "nice". I actually got to this site by following a link from Rhinoplasty 4 You- that is a very good site. there are some very nice people there too and you can get a lot of information. I recommend that you check it out. Someone there was suggesting Dr. Tobias and I've been looking for a doctor in the NY Tristate area because I live in NYC. From what I've read here so far though, I don't think he's a doctor to go with. I'd like to say that I've seen a lot of positive feedback (and actually I don't think I've seen anything negative) about Dr. Richard Davis in Miami from patients of his on that site. They say he is very skilled, very nice and caring, and not expensive and I believe he does not charge anything for the consult. The only thing I've found out recently that I don't really like is that he does open rhinos and that really scares me. What are your opinions about that? Also, I'd like to hear more about Dr. Pensler- he sounds good too. And how is it with the traveling? I know you're not allowed to fly anytime soon after surgery, right? I guess I would have to get to where I'm going by car- if I decide on any of these long-distance doctors. By the way, just to let you know a little bit about myself- I had a rhino/septoplasty almost two years ago and I'm not happy because while I can breathe much better, the aesthetic change in my nose is so minimal that I'm still stuck with the nose I've HATED for almost all my life. I know you guys can understand how I feel and it's soooo good to be able to talk with people who can understand you. Everyone else tells me there's nothing wrong with my nose and that I should just leave it alone but I can't leave something alone that so affects the way I feel about myself. Anyway, I can't wait to hear from anyone who wants to write back and I wish all of you good luck!
Diana in NYC
In response to your concerns about open vs closed rhinoplasty - I have had both - and I was terrified of the open - before I had it. I was pleasantly surprised afterwards to realize that it wasn't such a big deal. I had a few stitches between my nostrils afterwards and a small scar was visible for a couple of months - not something anyone would notice though. Now, after almost 6 months, I cannot see any scar at all. I would definitely recommend that you not worry about open vs closed - just find a good surgeon! :)

Just wanted to answer the question that was posed to me as to why my surgery was so expensive. (Sorry about the long delay getting back to you but I don't visit these boards often anymore since i am now finally happy with my nose!) My surgery was a revision - a second one in fact. Dr. Tobias did my first surgery and a revision when he agreed with me that my nose didn't look good. After the revision, I didn't go back to him. I didn't think he could fix it. I gave him a chance to fix it and he didn't. That's it. At some point, you have to realize that he is just not good. So I went to Dr. Toriumi and I am happy now. My surgery was expensive but truly it was a bargain. Surgery with Dr. Toriiumi - 11000 dollars (or so). Good self esteem and confidence in yourself - PRICELESS!
Btw, somebody asked me at some point what exactly was the problem with my nose. Initially, my nose was big, bulbous, projected and bumpy. After my first rhinoplasty, my nose was still projected, narrower but really uneven. After my first revision (with Dr. Tobias) my nose was less projected but the tip became droopy and pointed. My nose didn't look natural at all! Finally after surgery with Dr. Toriumi my nose is not too big, the tip is rounded and even. One thing that I will say is that it takes a long time for the swelling to come down - even now after 1 and a half years, I can still see the swelling lessening. Dr. Toriumi warns of this. He says that after so many surgeries, my nose is only 60 percent healed after 1 year. That is a long time but truthfully my nose looks good now and has looked good ever since the surgery. It improves over time but the changes are subtle. Well, that's my story. Hope it helps someone. :)

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