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Has anyone heard about Dr Norman Godfrey's work? I'm looking for a skilled nose surgeon in NYC.
I just had rhino with him. I am very pleased with the result. Let me know if you have any questions.
[QUOTE=AmIOk]I just had rhino with him. I am very pleased with the result. Let me know if you have any questions.[/QUOTE]

Thanks for the reply. What did he do to your nose. I'm having a hump removal and slight tip reduction. Any other info ould be much appreciated.
[SIZE="3"]Has anyone had a rhinoplasty performed by Dr. Norman Godfrey?

I've had a consultation with him. Of all of the doctors before-n-after photos I've seen, his are the best. He was thorough and professional in the consultation. His computer rendering of my nose was exactly what I want. My fear is - that I haven't heard from anyone who has had work done by him.

How is his execution from computer renderings to actual nose job?

- He is quoting me approx $11k and that includes everything.
- He performs approx 100 nose jobs a year with 15-20% of those needing revisions.
- If a revision is needed, you only pay for hospital and anesthesia.

I sure would appreciate any help, info, or comments. Thanks.[/SIZE]
I just had to jump in here also,
I went with one of the best
surgeons, beautiful before and after
picture of how I wanted mine,
result: horror and depression, he
totally destroyed my nose, 4- revisions
later; it's still awful, I don't go to social
events anymore, I have Social Anxiety
now and severe depression
Please be careful! :(
HEY DEBORA E: Who was the dr? Who have you used for revisions? I appreciate your comment. Thanks.
I started out with Richard Straith in Michigan and had my revisions performed by Dr. Enrique Sabbagh also in Michigan
Hey NatalieEeEeE,

Did you ultimately go with Dr Norman Godfrey? If so, how were your results? I'm looking to have surgery at the end of 01/09 with him. I'd appreciate any feedback you have. Thanks.
who did you go with? was it in nyc? i have consultations with dr tabbal, dr tobias and dr. pastorek coming up in september. i hope it wasn't with one of them. please, please reply. i'm soooo nervous about doing this. thank you.

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