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Pensler explained the procedure to me, he was to the point. My consultation was an hour long. At one point during the consult. Pensler got up to get something off a printer in another room that he printed for me, and didn't come right back. Me, my husband, and my two girls sat in the little room with the pcs for like 20 minutes waiting. He seems to be quite qualified, I seen all the certificates and that on the wall. After hearing some of the bad things about him and how he acted, I can see him being rude like someone here said he was. I've met with two surgeons so far. One seems too laid back and Pensler so far seems to be the surgeon to go with. I'm going to make another consultation appt. with one other surgeon to see how it goes. Why does this search have to be a difficult one, I'll never know. Why can't there be a surgeon who is professional, upbeat, intelligent, and who is after the same goal you or I am?
[QUOTE=awfdml]this is kinda disheartening for me to read since i have my surgery scheduled with dr. pensler in 3 weeks. alltaken, do you remember what crodriguez's comments were? because the last time i remember talking to him/her she seemed to be doing fine.

Last I heard about crodriguez, was that all was going fine. I wish that person would come back to the boards and let us know how they are doing. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing, since we haven't heard anything. It would be SO helpful if we knew how crodriguez's progress was going.

awfdml..... will you PLEASE keep me updated with Pensler and your surgery and everything. I would GREATLY appreciate it. Just so you know, I would still schedule my surgery with Pensler. To me, he does seem the most qualified to do it.
I haven't had a chance to write in a while but I wanted to answer Alltaken's question re: the Miami doctor- I hope you didn't do anything yet, you said you were waiting till next summer to have surgery, right? Dr. Davis is not expensive from what I've heard- his prices range from around 4,500 or 5,000 to 6,000, depending on what he has to do. In terms of rhino prices, it's not expensive although this still is a lot of money. But his consultation is free and he spends an hour with you and answers all your questions- again this is from what I've heard. I'm actually considering having a consult with him- I've found reasonable airline tickets and I have a friend who lives close to Miami so I would also go see her for a few days which would work out nice but it would still be preferable to find somebody close to home for a thing such as surgery.
It is very important to find a good doctor, and I agree- really difficult! And you really shouldn't have to go through surgery again to fix what another surgeon didn't do right- that really makes me mad! My surgeon didn't do anything bad- he just didn't do enough but the point is that after you spend all that money and go through that whole ordeal- because it really is not that easy to go through surgery (I don't mean the surgery itself- that was over in a minute for me- at least that's what it felt like!) but going through the whole process of getting ready for it, which is not pleasant, and then you end up having to do it again. It's one thing if the doctor makes a mistake that couldn't have been helped- we're all human and it can happen but from the number of people I've heard who need revisions, and some as many as 3,4,5 times!, it seems that these doctors have no idea what they're doing and I begin to wonder if they even went to school or are they operating as though they were cooking by following a cookbook and learning as they go along!? I've heard some real horror stories and it makes me mad! One other thing that I agree is important- I believe you have to find a doctor that specializes in certain parts of the body- mainly facial, mainly breast, etc.- it would seem that these doctors would be a lot more qualified than one who does everything. For those of you who've had successful revisions, I'm really happy to hear that everything turned out alright. But for the rest of us, who've never had surgery or who need another one, let's be really careful who we choose. I know that I really want to do this and I would do it right now but the thing that's keeping me back (besides the money), even more so is that I don't know who I can trust. I don't think Pensler is on my list any longer.
Hard to decide Diana :rolleyes: .
Oh and I forgot to mention, Lovely2- the nerve of him to do what he did and then blame it on your body type! So not only do they not know what they are doing but then they place the burden of blame on the patient who is already devastated from the bad results! The arrogance! I'm really glad that you found a competent doctor who was able to do the job right. :)
wow lovely2, sorry you had such a bad experience with him. I do think that he is a good ps, but when something does go wrong, he should be a stand up guy and try to make his patient happy. I'm just going to hope that I never need to go to him with any problems.... So far, so good :)

A good friend of mine also went to him for a BA. She looks great but she wants to go larger. He refuses to give her more cc's even after she offered to pay for it again. He told her that if she went any larger she would get stretch marks. I wonder, does this make him a good doctor or a bad one? Like I said before, he does what he wants to do and really doesn't listen to what his patients ask for. But in my case, it worked out better. Afterall, he knows more about plasic surgery than we do so maybe his oppinion is worth something. It all depends on what you want I guess....

Good luck to everyone considering cosmetic surgery. I hope you all get exactly the results you're hoping for!

ps - I did a lot of research on Dr. P before I had my surgery. I even had a friend's dad who is a ps in CA give me info on him and he said that he's an exceptional doctor. But it is very dicouraging to hear about the way he treated Lovely. I'm so dissapointed!
:wave: Well, I am recovering very nicely from my rhinoplasty surgery on Monday. Let me share what happened and Ill get into how Im doing now.

So on Monday I arrived half an hour early (like Dr. Pensler told me to). I wore a zip up sweater, sweats, sneakers, glasses, and a baseball cap. I got into the waiting room and one of his assistants handed me a stack of magazines to get my mind off of the surgery. Surprisingly, I was very calm. Its only when she asked me if I was nervous that I started to get nervous. She told me that one of the things Dr. Pensler says is that "If the patient isnt nervous, then I start to get nervous" So I thought, nows a better time as any to get those nerves working!! So I waited 20 minutes while she got the paper work ready. She came over and kinda summarized what was gonna happen. She told me that I would need to sign some forms and then she asked for payment which I gave her. She informed me that Dr. Pensler and the nurse Lori would be getting together with me to prep me for surgery. I gave his assistant the number for the person that was going to pick me up. I had the option of having him park the car and pick me up from the office or having the nurse take me out of the building in a wheelchair. I chose the latter option so he wouldnt have to pay for parking. You have to be released to a responsible adult.

So when the papers were ready, I got taken back to the room where I had my checkup during the consultation. I met Lori at that time. By the way up until this point, I had seen Dr. Pensler once while he was walking out of the office, he said hi and told me that his assistants were getting everything ready. Back in the office with Lori, I had to put on these paper footsie thingies and then I sat down to fill out the paper work. I can tell you the details of what the forms stated if you want to know but it was basically stating that you authorize dr. pensler to perform this surgery on you and you understand that there are no guarantees and u understand the risks, etc.

There were 6 pages total, not too long. While I was filling that out, Dr. Pensler came in and asked me again if I was allergic to anything or if I had anything to eat. I hadnt eaten from the night before and had an afternoon surgery. Get this, while Dr. Pensler was asking me about my allergies, he sneezed so I started freakin out cause he sounded stuffy and it seemed as though he had a cold!!! I wanted to get up and walk out cause I was SOOO scared but Dr. Pensler assured me he was fine and that his eyes would get watery occassionally...Hmmmm??? Not a good thing to tell some one right before you are about to operate on their face...BUT I calmed down and had a few questions for Dr. Pensler. I asked him again about what he was going to do and he was very nice in answering them but I had a few more questions to ask him but it seemed as though he was rushing a bit. I was kinda at the point of no return here so I refused to let these things freak me out. I kept telling myself, I know he's a good doc, he knows what I want and thats all that matters.

He gave me an antibiotic and he walked out and his assistant walked in asked me to go to the washroom. In there I got to look at my fat long nose one last time!! I was beyond excited!! Then she weighed me and walked me into the surgery room.

The last time I was in the hospital was when I was born and had no serious medical issues so I was SUPER nervous once I lied down on the surgical bed. She connected me to a heart monitor and I could hear my heart beat in the room. It was beating so fast so I took a few deep breathes and Lori and Dr Pensler were great in talking to me to calm me down. Dr. Pensler put the IV in my arm which to which I had no reaction. alltaken, you asked me about pain, I have an unusually high tolerance for pain I'd like to think. :) So then Dr. Pensler was getting stuff ready and then they turned those bright surgical lights on. And for a second I wondered, is this the light that people see when they are dying???? Such a bad thought I know but I was nervous of course.

Dr. Pensler then drew alongside my nose to mark what he was going to do. Then Lori told me that she was going to give me some drug that was equivalent to a glass of wine, I've never had a glass of wine before but I knew that it was going to be something to calm my nerves, think it was Valium. She put it in the I was still talking to Lori and I think that was the point when I got knocked out.

I have to say that during the surgery I still felt as though I was talking to Lori and Dr. Pensler although I was just dreaming. Here was the scariest part of the experience...towards the end of the surgery I started to wake up! I actually felt Dr. Pensler tugging at my facial bones NO JOKE. I wanted to grab Dr. Pensler's arm and stop him. OF COURSE I didnt feel the pain.

Heres an example of what I mean, you know how when you go to the dentist and they numb up your face right before they pull your teeth or start drilling. You dont feel any pain but you know that somebody is tugging and yanking away at your mouth. That was the same thing that happened with my nose but I think they might have given me somemore of that anesthesia and I was fine after that.

So I woke up and realized that I was pretty knocked out cause I was talking to Lori about this guy that I liked and how I would kick his butt if he hurt me..hahaha! Dont know where that came from! I started to come to and Lori asked me about my ride, of course it took him a while to find the place. I asked Lori if I could see my face and instantly I saw a huge difference!!! All I could see was the tip cause I had the splint on my face but I had a droopy tip and it was GONE!! Granted I was bloody around my nose and stuff but Lori cleaned that out. I asked if I could sit up, I knew I was kinda still out of it cause I think I asked Lori the same question ten times. I asked her where Dr. Pensler was and she told me he was with another patient. I was enjoying my time with Lori though, she's very very nice. Coulda been the anesthesia but even before that I enjoyed talking to her. So Lori put me in the wheelchair and on my way out I shook hands with Dr. Pensler and said bye to his staff. Of course his building has a bunch of offices in it so the elevator was crowded with ppl. I had brought a cap with me so no one would bump into my face. Unfortunatly, it was raining and I had no umbrella so I just used the folder to sheild my face from the rain as Lori was wheeling me over to the car. (TIP: bring an umbrella or have your ride bring one.) And off I went to recover in my bed...

I felt completely fine after surgery, no nausea, no headaches nothing. I was a little tired and I thought maybe the original drugs they gave me was the reason why I wasnt in any pain but I havent been nauseous or I havent had any pain since. My face was not swollen on the first day but the next day woah baby!!! And today its even poofier, it looks kinda funny actually! Lori called me hte next morning to see how i was doing. You know it really isnt that bad. and its true what they say it looks so much worse than it is. Right now the area around my eyes is swollen and there is some bruising but I feel just fine. One of the things that concerned me was that I was bleeding alot the first day and on tuesday. Lori told me that I will continue to bleed if I keep moving around alot and that I should just stay in bed for 5 hours at a time until today or Thurs. There is still some drainage but not blood so i have gauze under my nose (Lori gave me a pack with some tape).

Of course I cant wait to get this splint off my face and lying around in bed aint no fun but I'd rather be doing that than going to work and I was long overdue for a vacation so this works out great. I feel great and I can see the tip of my nose looks great. All in all, I have to say the experience was good. I mean I didnt have as much attention from Dr. Pensler as I would have liked but to me all I wanted was for him to do a good job and he was very nice when I did talk to him. Of course the major concern as discussed on these boards is how he treats his patients afterwards and that were gonna have to wait and see. All I am concerned about is if my nose looks good and that there are no complications. Im gonna get my splint removed on Monday which will probably be even more nerve wracking then going to the surgery!!

So that was my experience in detail on Monday. I am feeling pretty good about picking Dr. Pensler. It looked like he did a great job but I'll have to fill u in once I see my entire nose on Monday. Let me know if you have any questions about ANY part of my story or if there's something you want to know that I didnt talk about. Ive got plenty of time to answer questions :)
The length of time doesn't sound too bad. That will still probably drive me nuts though. :)

That's very good that they put the splint on snug. I wondered about that, because it's just kind of sitting there right? But you described it as like it's pinched on your nose, so now I get it. Was it hard to keep from bumping it though? I would like it would be alittle awkward, it prob. is.

Yeah I guess I would be kind of disappointed if Pensler wasn't able to take off the splint, but it sounds like Lori is great. I had no idea though that the nose has a tendency to go back to its original shape, that's the first I've heard of that. As far as the pimples, I've heard that too. I have real oily skin too by the way. As long as they clear up, I'm okay with it! :D Wow, you had to rub your nose really hard right after getting your splint off? Ouch! I would def. do it though, cuz I wouldn't want the scar tissue....but that had to hurt! That was real nice to hear about some more drainage too....haha :D

I'm not too far from Chicago myself and by the time I get my surgery done, I'll be dealing with the heat instead of the cold. are so welcome. I know you must have really been feeling crazy during that time. I just hope that my surgery and recovery will go just as smoothly as yours did. I am so happy for you that you got the surgery. If you are anything like me, this is something that you've wanted for a long time, so good for you! Sounds like a great recovery.
awfdml......haven't heard from you in awhile. How's things going? Please let me know, good or bad. Thanks.

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