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You know what, people make the mistake of going to the wrong doctor in the first place and then end up needing revisions. They say that rhinoplasty is the hardest kind of cosmetic surgery to do well- I mean, the difference between an attractive nose and an ugly one is millimeters. I didnt do much research when I first did it- in fact, I did absolutely no research. I was just so desperate to get it done. In the end, it didnt turn out how I wanted. It wasnt bad, but it wasnt good. And now, 5 years later, I researched and researched and researched to find a good doc for my 2nd time around hoping that it would be the last and it led me to a very very famous doc. BUT even with his reputation and blah blah blah it sucks worse now than it did before. SO basically its like potluck. I guess if you find yourself a good doctor its like buying more lotto tickets- the more tickets you have the greater chance that you're going to win, but buying tickets doesnt gurantee you a win... you know what I'm saying? I wish to God that I could go back in time and just leave my nose after my first rhinoplasty alone!
has your nose healed yet? I just had rhinoplasty on th 25th of Oct and my nose looks exactly the same only bumpier and I have a piece of skin by my nostril that looks out of place. The doctor said it would round itself out (the nostril side that is) within a month or two or he'd fix it. I'm a little concerned also that my nose doesn't look any different and when I feel an area of my nose it feels bumpy like there's cartilage missing in the wrong place. Can you tell me what happened with maybe your 1st rhinoplasty or if your current one has healed? I'm wondering if it really is all that swollen or if the doctor just didnt do anything.[/QUOTE]

Gosh I feel for you bc I'm still going throught exactly the same thing, and I had my surgery on the 4th of October. What I didnt like about my previous nose was that it was a little too thick at the bottom- I wanted it thinner. I told the doctor that and now its even bigger and thicker than before. The people at Dr. Gunter's office can only say "wait 4 months" blah blah blah... but I have a huge hump at the bridge! I don't even see how that could go down considering the size of it. I'm sooooo upset and pissed off. He did a major overhaul on my nose that my nose didnt need- it wasnt an ugly nose it just needed some fine-tuning, and me being the gullible idiot I am thought I'd be safe in his hands just bc everyone here sings his praises and all that... but he sucks. He took a pretty 22 year old girl and made me weird looking. Not one person has had anything good to say about my nose- my mom started crying when she saw me. My nose looks like one of those slides at a pool. And it also pisses me off that the office has been so ******. I've only spoken to the doctor once since my surgery on the phone for 5 minutes... you'd think for $16,000 he would have taken more time with me, especially considering that they left a pin in the bridge that I had to go see a plastic surgeon in my hometown to take it out. On the bridge of my nose there's also a little hole like what you describe where it feels like cartilage is missing or it may have slid out of place. I don't even know what recourse I have at this point.
[QUOTE=o_sharlett]So did you say your surgeon was outta town? Has any of the swelling gone down? You know if your nose looks bigger than before I am sure it's just swollen. My doctor is kinda snobby, but he has answered all my questions. I'm just kinda skeptical that my nose will reshape itself as he says. Why did you have to pay $16,000? That is an awful lot for a nose job. But anyways my nose was kinda wide at the bottom and silly me also thought I'd be in good hands. I didnt do as much research as I probably should have. Who knows though, maybe it will shrink, I hope! Also, something you can check, if your nose is still sore, it's still swollen. My doctor told me anywhere there's soreness indicates swelling. Hopefully that helps!!!!![/QUOTE]

Well I did a ton of research and it left me nowhere, so that goes to show that a lot of it is luck. I flew in from out of town to have surgery with this guy bc his reputation was so good. I thought "I never want to have to do this again, so I'm going to do it with the best guy I can"... pretty stupid. It was $16,000 bc he put in cartilage grafts (which have ruined my nose). I know it's still swollen but even taking the swelling into consideration it's still huge. The main thing I wanted was a smaller nose, and the doctor said that putting in cartilage grafts would give it the appearance of a smaller nose, which ofcourse was wrong. I say give your nose some time to heal, I mean, you really just had it done like 2 weeks ago. If it's your first one than I wouldnt freak out too much. When I first had it done it was pretty swollen for about 5-6 weeks.

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