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So I finally had my revision done last Monday. I spent a year researching doctors and saving money and finally settled on a very renowned doctor. I got my cast off today and I'm sooooo sad! I wish I hadn't touched my nose- it wasn't that bad to begin with. Now I have a cartoon nose and I just want to die. He did a rib graft and my nose looks bigger and more bulbous than ever, AND I now have a hump at the top that I never had before. I just dont understand how this could have happened. I thought I was safe with this doctor, and now I'm $16,000 in debt AND I can't bare to look in the mirror.
[QUOTE=ladivapr]Yeah I have heard Gunter to be a good doctor. And I would think that 30% of swelling down to be possible. The swelling in mine really went down by the thrid month so hang in there. Why you needed the revision in the first place? My nose surgery was a nice subtle change for me. He just made it a little smaller and the hump was removed. For some time i thought if he should had made it smaller but I see now that he did the best nose for my face. Hope everything goes well for you. Keep us posted[/QUOTE]

You know, my nose wasn't too bad to begin with. I just wanted to tip to be refined because I thought that it was a little too bulbous, and for the bridge to be narrowed and reconstructed a little bc my previous surgery had left me with a small indentation on one side. Unfortunately he built the bridge upwards far too much, and now the result is a hump there which makes my face look weird from every angle. I too wanted a smaller nose but now its bigger than before. It helps to here that your swelling went down after three months, but was it a big change or just subtle bc right now my nose needs a big change and was that your first rhinoplasty?
Wow, spinsta, that sounds really bad! I think it is really disturbing that Dr. Gunter wasn't there to remove the bandages and then it wasn't done right. I do think, though, that everything will turn out for the best. I had a revision done by Dr. Toriumi and he did some cartilege grafts onto my bridge and I definitely had some freak-outs about how big my nose was right after the surgery. I definitely thought it was too big but he assured me that the swelling would come down and it has - I am now about 6 months post op and the swelling is definitely still coming down. Dr. Toriumi said that my nose would be about 60% healed in one year so I still have lots of healing to do - and you have plenty more than me! At this point though, I feel really confident that my nose is going to be as good as it could possibly be - it looks good now and gets better every day. Please know that it will be okay - you must get any errors in removing that wire fixed - Dr. Gunter should really go out of his way to make sure that happens. But I really think you will be fine - I'm rooting for you. :)
Look, I haven't had any personal experience with Michael Sachs but I have read lots of really scary stories on the net about him. I have never seen as many bad experiences with any other doctor! Please check into the lawsuits against him before you pursue any surgery. I did have a revision rhinoplasty with Dean Toriumi (IL) and I am very happy!
Here's my two cents: If your nose isnt that bad in the ifrst place dont get it done! I know from experience. If it's your first surgery you should look pretty normal by three weeks though. I just had my second and supposedly I'm still swollen and i'm coming up on 4 weeks, although i didn't bruise very badly at all.

Thanks for the reply Spinsta.. I do intend to have it done tho. Coz my nose IS that bad! hehe.. Ive read SO MANY posts on this board about ppl having revisions and 2nd ops. Is its common to have further ops?
You know what, people make the mistake of going to the wrong doctor in the first place and then end up needing revisions. They say that rhinoplasty is the hardest kind of cosmetic surgery to do well- I mean, the difference between an attractive nose and an ugly one is millimeters. I didnt do much research when I first did it- in fact, I did absolutely no research. I was just so desperate to get it done. In the end, it didnt turn out how I wanted. It wasnt bad, but it wasnt good. And now, 5 years later, I researched and researched and researched to find a good doc for my 2nd time around hoping that it would be the last and it led me to a very very famous doc. BUT even with his reputation and blah blah blah it sucks worse now than it did before. SO basically its like potluck. I guess if you find yourself a good doctor its like buying more lotto tickets- the more tickets you have the greater chance that you're going to win, but buying tickets doesnt gurantee you a win... you know what I'm saying? I wish to God that I could go back in time and just leave my nose after my first rhinoplasty alone!
[QUOTE=wannabehotguy]I went to a board certified plastic surgeon in Dallas for a consultation. Dr.S. And he said that my nose looked OK already but that he could reduce the base of the nose and refine the tip. There will not be any breaking of bone etc. IN other words not a full nose job. Just about 1/4 of a nosejob. So I am wondering what I should do. I don't feel too comfortable with yes I will find another doctor. But after reading how upset everybody is ...I am not sure if I want to get a nose job now. Do the Doctors ever do computer generated imaging for what a nose might look like on my face AFTer the surgery? Let me in on some advice for nose jobs. My nose looks oK nothing is wrong with it at all. I just want it to be perfect. :) :) :angel:[/QUOTE]

My advice is don't touch it. I wish someone would have told me that. Mine wasn't bad at all but I too wanted perfection and now I look like a witch. If it ain't broke, don't fix it bc sure it might turn out good, but it's a definite gamble and you might lose big time. Is it really worth the risk? Now I really have to do it and I'm terrified... can you imagine 3 nosejobs before even turning 25? TV shows like THE Swan and Extreme Makeover make you think that the results could never turn out bad, particularly if you're with a good surgeon, but believe me they can, especially with rhinoplasty- it can change your entire face.
That's soooo bad.. It's uncompetant what the nurse did, leaving a piece of wire.... I have an upcoming consulation with Gunter and after reading your post and other people's reviews, I am having second thoughts... One guy told me to skip him and go see Denenberg (his website is a knowledge book). He doesn't think G should be considered a top doc. He consulted with him and believes G likes to do wide noses.

I don't know what to do. I already have a flight ticket and the brochure the staff sent me via mail....
Do you think G is better at male revisions? :confused:

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