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[QUOTE=spinsta]Yeah, now I def. realize that it is pretty risky to do a revision, especially when you really don't need it. I guess you just hear people build up these doctors with the great reputations so much that they become like magicians in your head and you dont realize the potential for disaster after. He did not discourage me from doing the revision. But let me update you on this saga... I had grafts put into my nose and there were wire grafts on the birdge- two to be exact. When you go get the cast off, they take out your stiches, splints, and the wires that are holding the grafts. So the nurse did all this on Monday, and I noticed this hump on the bridge that wasnt there before and freaked out and called the nurse both on Mon. and Tuesday, and she dismissed it as freaking out over the swelling, even to the point where she got a little annoyed that I was asking all these questions. Turns out that today I wake up to see a piece of metal sticking out of the bridge of my nose- she didn't realize that there was still a wire in there! Now I'm back home thousands of miles away from Dallas with this wire that has been in my nose for a week longer than it's supposed to be and I have to go see a plastic surgeon down here to take it out- not to mention that it's kind of itchy and I'm really scared that it might be/ get infected. I just spoke with the doctor and he reassured me that it would all turn out alright. Anyways thank you so much for your prayers- that means so much to me right now.[/QUOTE]

oh I hope it does turn out okay. And you are right about this renowed doctors. I once chatted with a gal who did a rhino with Dr Toriumi and remained with a hump afterwards..I tell you I did was naive when I did mine 3 years back. I did no researched at the doctors just went with one recommended by my coworker who had the surgery with him. But my coworker really new the guy, he studied in college with her and I liked her nose so I just trusted her when she told me he was of the best in the island. The day they were going to remove my cast there was a guy with a crooked nose waiting to have surgery again that day. His first surgery was with him! I panicked thinking of how my nose was going to turn out to be. Fortunatetly it was okay. I needed a second minor surgery because the septum redeviated again. It fixed nicely then. Then I became an expert in the topic reading the forum boards and thought about the things I should have done that I did not do. Still Im grateful to god that my nose turned out to be okay because I tell you i did not even researched the doctor. :rolleyes:

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Look, I haven't had any personal experience with Michael Sachs but I have read lots of really scary stories on the net about him. I have never seen as many bad experiences with any other doctor! Please check into the lawsuits against him before you pursue any surgery. I did have a revision rhinoplasty with Dean Toriumi (IL) and I am very happy!
[QUOTE=elle00110]spinsta, your posts about Dr. Gunter are really disturbing. He really does get a lot of good comments on the internet. I wonder what's really going on. Anyway, I really hope everything turns out okay for you. You really do have to wait until the swelling goes down to do another surgery or you and your surgeon won't know how it will eventually look. I really still think that your nose will get a lot better with time. Whether it will get good enough for you to live with, of course, I can't say. I wish you all the best. :) (Btw, I had my revision with Dr. Toriumi and I have had at least 7 follow-up appointments in the last six months. Dr. Gunter should really follow up to make sure that things turn out the way you want. It seems obvious but good doctors don't abandon their patients!)[/QUOTE]

YEs it is def. ridiculous that he hasn't called me for a follow-up, and I have called the office and have spoken with the other doctor who was assisting and his tone with me was that of exasperation, like I was crazy for being unhappy with the results of the surgery. I think I know my mistake and that was going to Dr.GUnter in the first place. I didn't need cartilage grafts- I actually just needed a little further reduction type of surgery, but GUnter is a graft-happy doctor, which is good for people with deformities in their nose, but not for someone who didn't really have anything apparent when you looked at me. I wish I could turn back time and have gone to one of the local doctors in my area (I had two consultations with local docotrs and both suggested reduction rhinoplasty). I would have saved lots of time, money, my nose, and my sense of peace.

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