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Thanks elle and ladiva for your input and encouragement. They say that it's easier to take away than it is to add for revisions, but is it easy to mess with grafts if you do a third revision? I know I'm going to have to have another surgery- I was just looking at my before pictures and I look so cute before- I must have been crazy to do this surgery. All I needed was for him to thin it out- but instead he lifted up the tip and the result is the front view looks really thick. So now I'm wondering how hard it would be to reverse this surgery- like shave the cartilage off my tip and let it drop a little and thin it out- basically reversing it and thinning it out? Or do i have to kiss my old nose goodbye?
just wait girl! The tip will drop down be sure of that but it takes a couple of months for that to happen. I think its by the third month it does. And it will thin more than what you have it now. I know waiting brings a lot of anxiety but hang it there.

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