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Re: Gortex implants
Oct 27, 2004
Please DO NOT DO IT. Listen to my story.
I have had Gortex implants in my upper lip and really want to warn you NOT to go through with it. First, no matter what your doctor tells you, they are NOT permanent. They will have to be removed eventually because no matter the skill of the doctor, they WILL harden and they WILL shrink. Also, your face will not look/move right. The area where the impant is put does not move naturally. If you look at someone's before and after picture you might think the results are good, but if you actually see someone move their face you'll know something is in there and it just does not move naturally. The best description for what it looks/feels like is an IUD. If you've ever seen an IUD on someone, usually on their arm, it looks like what it is: a piece of plastic under the skin.
My story: I am now 28 and I had Gortex put in my upper lip when I was 23. The doctor was one of the "best" and was one of the Gortex implant innovators and has done the most Gortex implants in the Nation. Still, after the procedure it was hard right away and never looked like natural body tissue. It does not move with your face. It's like having a piece of tupperware under the skin. I was not able to smile like a normal human -- people thought there was something constricting my mouth and they were right -- it was the Gortex. If you are still not convinced, ask your doctor if you can contact/meet a patient who has had the implants for a year minimum. I think that once you see the person in person you'll see what I am talking about.
Another thing the doctor will neglect to tell you is that the Gortex WILL stretch out your skin. This means that if you do want to take it out you'll have to replace it with something, or the skin that used to surround it will look deflated like a popped balloon.
I finally, finally thank God found a good reconstructive surgeon who removed the Gortex and replaced it with my own fat via a procedure called lipostructure. It looks beautiful now and I am finally, after FIVE years able to smile with my big natural looking smile. If you are going to do anything, I suggest going with lipostructure. There are some doctors that have proven that the fat will never be reabsorbed (look up Dr. Sydney Coleman on the web). There are several doctors around the country that perform this procedure. Just do a search for "lipostructure." Please do not make the mistake I made. I have gone through several years of suffering and tears and want to save you the same.

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