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[QUOTE=Twinlynn]Yanet -

Hello! Funny you should ask about wrinkle lines!! :D I just had a Restylane treatment 5 days ago on the nasolabial (what a depressing sounding word!) folds (between nose and mouth.)

(I know you are looking for more info. about mini surgery--but I haven't had that done--yet! Nevertheless, thought I'd write about my Restylane procedure. At the bottom of this post, in the "PS"--I mention how our plastic surgeon is still undecided with my twin sister--who does have some smile lines--and therefore might require a slightly different "filler." This is still "up in the air"--but she'll be having one or the other this coming Monday.)

But, back to Restylane:

On the good side (great side, actually)--I look in the mirror now...and see myself ten to fifteen years ago. That's a miracle for me! :-) I am 58, but, thanks to lucky genetics, always looked so much younger than my age. (I know, I know..all women say that! LOL!) But, honestly, I was taken for about 15-20 years younger. But, then --about a year ago--Mother Nature saw fit to paint in a few lines. Not many...but enough for me to see a "sag" setting in.

It didn't really bother me at first, but some months ago, when I was seeing a plastic surgeon every week for a very deep foot wound, I just couldn't help asking about what could be done about those new additions to my face! And he talked up the Restylane, explaining it all, showing me photos, etc.

Now we get to the "bad" side of the treatment. Just in time for Thanksgiving...3 days after the treatment--the right side of my face suddenly looked like I'd gone ten rounds with Mike Tyson. LOL! So--I'm currently sporting, only on the right side, a major "black eye"....and a deathlike yellow/orange discoloration on the cheek....and two small black and blue marks near my nose (where injections when in), and (the expected) redness along the ex-folds. It's such one-sided bruising that it looks as if the doctor were leaning, on his elbows, on that part of my face, as he worked!!

The left side of my face, although red along the fold, is fine. Obviously, something went "wrong" on the other side!! But...this "battered-wife" look came on so quickly (Thanksgiving)...and my doctor is away until Monday (when I have the earliest morning appt!!). So....although when I last spoke with him, my face was first becoming discolored...he has no idea what a spectacular technicolor background suddenly erupted! The black eye, for instance, appeared from one day to the next. Strange!

This excessive bruising, unfortunately, means that I cannot give you a full report on Restylane, as yet...or whether my experience is more common than I was told. I'm really sorry about that, as I would have liked to have been able to give you more information--since you have your last consult on Monday. I tend to believe that my situation is unusual...or this treatment would not be discussed as "so simple, you can do it during your lunch hour!" LOL!! (Well...maybe you can....if your job manager finds 8 days a reasonable lunch break!! :-)

But I CAN tell you the following things about the procedure:

--the initial numbing injections before the procedure were very painful for me--but I've got a terrible pain threshold, plus I always need at least twice the novacaine that most people do. So--the doctor had to do double the usual injecting. And THAT hurt! Once the area was numb, though....there was no pain.

--the results were immediate. The doctor handed me a mirror..and I was truly amazed (and exhilerated)! It was as if, the night before, I'd been ruminating about aging...and thinking "oh....I wish I could turn back the clock ten years..." and then--the next morning, waking up--and realizing that I HAVE! :-)

--With my fingers, I can feel the Restylane substance as a firm gel raised along those two folds, sort of as if two tubes of something very solid were inserted under those lines (folds). That raised feel is very strange when you touch it...but I believe it goes down after a bit. And you can't actually "see" two raised lines. The substance definitely does its job of filling out the folds--and making you look "like you used to look." :-)

--I have no idea how long it will take for the redness (on the UNdiscolored only slightly swollen side of my face) to go back to normal. But it is already getting lighter and looking better.

As for the discolored, black and blue side....I am anxiously awaiting my Monday morning appointment to find out what in the world happened that one side was so battered!! (I suggested to my twin sister that I blackmail the doctor--arrive extra-early for the appt. and just sit there, calmly, in the waiting room, amongst all his prospective Restylane patients--with my delightful face testimoney to the "success" of the procedure! (Free advertising! :-) And then I'd suggest to Dr. S. that a reduction in my fee (how about no charge! Ho ho!) might just convince me to wait outside in the street--behind his office!!) LOL!!

This doctor, by the way, is both highly recommended and written-up--and is vastly popular with a clientele that can afford to "indulge" itself more than I normally would--or could! (But--I felt it was worth every penny, since it's my FACE he's working on!) He's been written up as one of the best plastic surgeons in the city. He LOVES his work...I think he sees it as re-painting and updating old portraits (LOL!)...and he is so "happy" about making others happy....that I trust him entirely.

Okay, that's about it. I hope I've given you at least a "feel" for the procedure. Kinda painful, kinda brusing--but more than worth it for the joy (call it egotism?!) of looking at my face...and seeing it as I never thought I would ever see it again!! :-)

Good luck...and PLEASE let me know how things go. :-)

best, Lynn :)

PS Re. My twin sister's smile lines: She is thinner than I am, with a thinner, longer, more angular face. So she has a few emerging "smile" lines, and what the doctor describes as a "loss of flesh" in that area around those lines to the side of the lower mouth area. He is debating whether to use a very new filler called....."Sculptura" ??? or something. It fills in pockets around smile lines, where the face has sagged in a bit. The doctor is not certain yet....he may decide she can go with just the Restylane. She is having her procedure done Monday (she has the appt. after mine. In fact...her appt. is right after I have my bruises checked!) :-)[/QUOTE]

I too had Restalyne last February. For me, it lasted a good 8 months (until October). It is still not all the way dissolved, but I know it's time, so I am going tomorrow (Yikes!) to my dermatologist for more injections. When I had it done, my derm put it in the nasolabial folds, around my lips (not in them), at the corners of my lips and even a little bit under each corner of my lips, as well as placed a tad of it in between my eyebrows where there was a wrinkle. I was thrilled with the results! I almost cried I was so happy. This is the greatest thing since sliced bread, in my book - especially for women who are not ready or don't need a full-blown face lift or mini lift. My boss kept asking me if I changed my hair style, had lost weight, etc. I just kept quiet and let him wonder. I felt like that guy "Joe" in the Viagra commercial where everybody is asking him "hey Joe - get a haircut? are you working out?, etc. lol.

Anyway, the only downside to the Restalyne was that I too had terrible bruising. It looked like someone punched me in the mouth. When I went back for followup w/ my derm, he said that I was only the 2nd woman who had that - the other one was a lady who works for him and she told me she had awful bruising too. Prior to the Restalyne, I had the other collagen (forget the name) and the bruising was nothing compared to this. But, it was well worth it. I had to wear some heavy-duty concealer to work the next few days to cover the bruises. I'm glad my appointment is tomorrow, as I am off work until Monday, so hopefully, I'll have time to heal some.

Aside from the bruising, I would highly recommend this. I've heard some people say it's not used on the lips or for vertical lines, but maybe my derm is just really good, because he sure did mine and they look great. Now, don't go thinking my lips look like Melanie Griffith or Cher, because they don't. I just wanted a little fullness around them - not fatter or like those gross duck lips many stars have.

My derm even filled a small scar I had on my right cheekbone (thanks to my ex) with Restalyne and it disappeared. Of course, the downside to Rest is that it is temporary, but I'll plunk my money down every 6-8 months any time for the happiness I get from this. It's worth every penny.

Oh, one more thing - I didn't get any novocaine at all and I can't lie - those dang shots hurt like crap. They brought tears to my eyes for sure. The worst is when he takes that needle and "runs" it through the outer lip folds. OWWWCHH. That's why I'm going to take a friggin' nerve pill before I go tomorrow! But it's still worth it.

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