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[QUOTE=MissGooberLynn]Hi all I am considering having breast implants (have been thinking about it for many years now) and I would like your imput. The pros and cons, the price ($$) and how do I find the MOST qualified surgeon? (there are so many surgeons in my area I do not know who is the best) Thanks![/QUOTE]

Hi Lynn,

A few important things to consider....
-Your reason for wanting the procedure...
Reasonable reasons:
-malformed breasts,
-uneven breasts,
-saggy pancakes after nursing too many children,
-great body, but breasts are from he_l

Not so good reasons:
-he is paying for them and wants you to get them (It must be your idea)
-tired of every 12-year-old looking better in a bikini than you do,
-trying to attract a mate, (what will you attract)
-school reunion, (they will have their problems too)
-lack of self esteem (you may not be able to handle the attention)
-Wanting what Hollywood stars have.. (what.. lots of failed marriages)

The most important thing to do is research.. a board certified surgeon with
a long list of successful outcomes is most important.
Friends who are happy with their outcomes can be a powerful reason, but there are no guarantees you will get the same result.

Expensive is not always a requirement.. a lot has to do with the area and
clientelle. Expect to pay $4 to $8 thousand, more if a lift is needed.

The lift is where major scarring and loss of sensation is likely.
Better to go a bit larger than to risk the complications of looking like Dr Frankenboob worked on you.

Look at pictures of before and after on other patients... Some doctors seem to have a one size fits all mentality. Pay close attention to those who look like your before pics.

Remember that a properly done job will look like your breasts did at their best,
but bigger. (if you had malformed breasts, you will have less reason to be
unhappy, since any improvement would be worth it to you.

If you think that new attachments are going to change you, it may...
It could cost you an insecure husband. It could attract the wrong type of
attention. It could make your girlfriends envious to the point where they
will not want you come around because of the way their husbands react.

They are not maintenance-free. Often a redo for bigger will be your next
wish within a year. Always go 100 cc larger to prevent this. (Muscles do pull them in.)

If you are tiny, with a small ribcage, always ask about high-profile implants which allow for narrower width and more projection with no increase in CCs. You don't want them in your armpits.
It is also easier to get a bra to fit if they are not too wide.

Type of placement... Under the muscle is most common
"Tuba" (through belly button) requires an artist

Armpit incision (Not as common, but best chance of not causing nerve damage, or infection.. also easier to shape the pocket because muscles
are not in the way of placement. Many docs don't do it this way.

Below breast incision will scar and you may be unhappy if you compare to
other methods. Longer recovery, chance of hematoma, internal scarring,
sagging if too much muscle has to be moved and restitched. if you are
getting a lift, the implants can be put through the nipple incision

Nipple incision.. fine if you need aereolas to be made smaller at the same time.

Regardless, of what you choose, just think of the cost of all those trips to
holiday islands. If you are going to hide them under a sweatshirt all the time,
who else but you will care if you had anything done? If your hubby is the jealous type, he may never let you go out alone without worrying.

You will have to wear a bra most of the time to protect your investment
from gravity. Some will have to be specilly ordered or custom made if you
get carried away with size.

Recovery can be a week to a month or two before you can use your arms with any strength.

Good luck.

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