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I am getting lipsuction on my fatty male breasts. It is small area because I AM NOT FAT at all. I am thin. Also I might get it on my flanks. Could you please describe your liposuction surgery experience. Especially as soon as you woke up from the surgery and hours after? What sort of pain did you have? Did you have double vision? My doctor wants me to go under general anesthesia too.
I had the pure-tumescent Lipo procedure and I was under a local only. I can't say if it is the same for all procedures or under general but, just to give you a comparision- I had little to no pain while having the procedure, I was awake and asking my Dr. all kinds of questions about what he was doing. My procedure was 1 1/2 hrs- I was up off the table almost immediately and back home within 1 hr. I had minimal pain while the local wore off but that was easily managed with Tylenol. I went back to work in 4 days. I have had off & on soreness/tenderness in the lipo spots since then but attribute that to the healing process.
Good luck with your procedure
When you talk about pain. What do you mean by pain? And how intense was it. Did it feel like out of control pain that made you cry? Did it come and go and was more tolerable like headache pain. My doctor is board certified and he is putting me under general and will be using a sharp cutting canula to cut away at some of the fiber in my fat.
During the procedure, the only sensation I had while my Dr. was working reminded my of what it feels like when one of those wooden -ball massagers is being rubbed on my back. My pain afterward was only like an over-exerted muscle soreness. I took darvocet 2 times the day after surgery and have only needed to take tylenol 1-2 times but only after exercising and I have needed the tylenol for over a week. I am at 3-weeks now and all I have is spot tenderness and mostly in my upper abs, right at my ribs. It kind of feels like a deep bruise but i have no visible bruises.
I experienced no intense pain, no sharp pain and other than the leakage I had the afternoon of surgery reminding that I actually had surgery, that afternoon would have been as if I lifted too much weight at the gym.
I get the impression the that different types of lipo procedures all have different effects on the body (as far as pain), as does the general anesthesia. I have the impression that the pure-tumescent procedure that I had is probably the least painful.
I hope all goes well for you.

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