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Hello, I thought I'd send you an e-mail as I totally understand how you feel. I've had my nose done four times due to various resons 1/namely at first me not communicating with the surgeon exactly what I wanted doing, 2/ due to excess bone growing back and 3/ going to a couple of not very good surgeons!

Well, it really depends on what you said to the surgeon before you had it done. People (I know I was) are very naive the first time they have their noses done! And the surgeon basically decides on what needs doing and you go along with it! Right?! Or you say you want the hump taking out or making it a 'bit' straighter etc. You 'need' to be more specific!

I learnt that the hard way. I had it done the second time though before I got it banged and excess bone grew back, and the second time went to a top surgeon, and had it made from straight to curvy and slightly turned up, just slighty and I was so happy I can't describe it to you!

Though sometimes, especially the first time, your nose will take a month or so to go down alot! So it will look strange, perhaps a bit fat/ weird and swollen. It does go down though, so don't worry.

Also it's a big shock to see yourself looking different, so that could be something to do with how you're feeling, or perhaps you thought it would transform you into someone else, totally different like a model. lol, I know it's easy to get carried away, you have to get persepctive.

If you do decide to get it done again (you've always got that option, so don't worry, alot of people do go for secondary surgery, and it can look lots differnt that time round if you be very specific about what you want doing... plus do your research and go to someone really good!!

I hope it's just sweeling and that you do end up liking your new nose, and that I haven't disheartened you. I just know how it feels, it's very upsetting when you have to have revision surgery. One tip is never to skimp or just go to your local surgeon, depsite people saying your gp can refer you, that's rubbish!

I don't know where you're from, but GP's in the uk, here, know nothing about cosmetic surgery and will refer you to anybody!

You can always write me if you need to talk


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