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Re: Boob Job?
Mar 19, 2005
I can't help with the lift part - and it does sound like you need a lift - but I can certainly answer about the BA part!

I had my BA last May, went from a very small B to a full C. For two days after the surgery, I was asking my friends just why it was that I volunteered to put myself in that much pain :P After those first couple of days, things were better.

A few weeks post-op my breasts went numb and I freaked out. I thought the side effect of losing feeling had only to do with nipples for some reason, but no it was my whole lower half of each breast! I still don't have complete feeling, but I'm used to it now. For the first couple of months of the numbness, I couldn't stand it because I knew my boobs were there, but I couldn't feel myself poking them. It was like poking a really well padded bra, totally disconnected from my body.

Personally, I wish I hadn't gone as big as I did... a C isn't that large, but I wish I'd gone with a "small C" kind of size. I would NOT do it again knowing what I know now, but I WOULD recommend it if it is something you want.

You said that this is for your husband? I would strongly encourage you to think this through very thoroughly. If you're not doing it for yourself, you may come to regret it or resent your husband later.

- Yav

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